Pee and poop sex

Submitted by Kiran

At the time of writing this story I am a young man of twenty-six years old. For as long as I can remember, I have had a preference for extreme sex. Since I started living on my own at the age of twenty, I have started to discover myself sexually. Since I had my own place and no longer lived under one roof with my parents I could now do whatever I wanted. As a child I used to watch the program 'Spuiten en Slikken' with my brother. Of course, there were many taboos in the area of sex. For example, there was once an item about BDSM and pee sex.

As a teenager I also watched quite a lot of 'regular' porn. After seeing the item about pee sex I wanted to find out more about it and I increasingly searched for the term pee sex on porn sites. I have never discussed this in relationships for fear that the ladies would treat me differently or leave me. When I was twenty-two, I saw an American instructional video (Joi/cei video). In it, the Domina ordered her slaves who watched the video to pee in a glass and then drink it. As a result I tried drinking my own pee for the first time. This was surprisingly tastier than I thought.

While I drank my own pee I jerked myself off and came wonderfully. I had never come so much before. The 'instructor' also made me lick my hands. That wasn't new to me. From then on I drank my own pee twice a week. I usually did that around noon if I was home at that time. That's when the pee tasted the best. After watching pee sex videos for a long time I eventually expanded to watching pee sex videos. It took at least another two years before I would taste my own poop and several months before I would even eat pieces of poop. This was much more difficult than drinking the pee.

Poop tastes much less good and swallowing it brought about a kind of natural reaction from my body. My body wanted to get the poop out of my body as quickly as possible, which gave me the urge to gag. A few months later I also watched instructional videos in which people were given extreme tasks. Following an instructional video in which a lady encouraged her viewers to join her I decided to taste my own poop for the first time. She had a bowl of chocolate with which she explained to her viewers and showed what she expected of them.

While she explained things with her bowl of chocolate I imitated what she did, but with a bowl of my own poop. I wanted to see how far I could go. It was the urge to conquer that made me want to eat it. I wanted to rise above myself in extreme areas. After I succeeded, I increased eating my own poop to about once every two weeks. At the age of twenty-six I was already so far in my training with pee and poop that I dared to experience someone else's pee and poop. I searched around on the internet and after a while I found someone who agreed to do this with me for a fee. 

It was mid-March 2021 when I contacted this lady. I introduced myself and told her that I had read in her call that she gave pee sex to customers. We agreed on some other things and set a date to meet sometime at the end of March. On the day of our appointment I went to her by train. I was constantly texting her along the way. She still didn't believe I was really coming and thought it was all fake until I sent her a photo of myself on the train at a station half way. I still didn't know what she looked like. That's why I was quite tense about what I would find.

When I arrived at the station she picked me up and we drove to her house. It turned out to be a beautiful lady in her mid-thirties with nice round breasts. She was nicely filled, which I really like, and she had a decent ass that immediately turned me on. Her advertisement stated that she offered herself without the help of a third person for erotic contact and sex dates. She had many options including giving pee sex to a customer. Shit sex wasn't mentioned in her ad. However, after some text messaging back and forth I managed to convince her.

She indicated that she had never peed on someone before or peed in their mouth. She had also never done anything with poop in front of anyone. She wasn't sure she could do it, but she wanted to try. She did have a man who, for a fee, collected a bottle of pee and a bowl of poop from her every month. She thought it was special that she could earn money with her pee and poop. To properly prepare herself for our meeting she didn't go to the bathroom all morning. Arrived at her home and we walked upstairs. On the landing I saw a towel on the floor.

She indicated that I could undress myself and lie on the towel. She took off her clothes very quickly. I saw that she had nice curves and I estimated a cup E. When I undressed and lay down on the towel,= she sat above me. I asked her to sit with her horny pussy above my mouth and pee. Because she had held everything in all morning a long, strong stream came from her pussy. I tried to catch and swallow as much of her pee as I could. Due to the pressure on her anus she started to poop on my chest. All of this made my cock harder than it had ever been.

When she finished peeing I licked her pussy clean and asked her to get down on her hands and knees. I sat behind her and licked her ass completely clean. There was still a dropping between her buttocks that immediately filled my mouth.
Instead of her buttocks getting cleaner they only got dirtier from the shit that was spread everywhere from the rimming. Her poop tasted bitter, but much better than my own poop. This went on for a few minutes and then she instructed me to lie on my back again. I did as she asked and she grabbed a droppings that was on the towel. She brought it to my mouth.

I opened my mouth, she put it in and told me to start chewing. I followed her order. This took some effort, but also made me very excited. I thought again about the urge to conquer I would feel if I ate all those droppings neatly, so that nothing was left. Her stern voice and appearance ensured that I did not object. As a reward for having also eaten the large, second poo and leaving my mouth with only a thin layer of brown gunk, she let me lick her again. She sat on top of me with her head pointed towards my hard cock and she watched me jerk myself off while I continued to lick her clean.

I may have obeyed her, but not enough to deserve a blowjob. Before I knew it I came. She immediately got off me and wiped up the cum with the towel. Then I took a shower. Before and after showering I brushed my teeth well, because I also had to take the train back home. I had been on the train for over two hours and even though I had brushed my teeth twice and showered, I had the feeling that people could smell it. Sometimes I got strange looks. It turned me on that people could see how dirty I had been. I wondered if they would know.

It was a wonderful experience that I want to do more often. I think about it often and the idea still excites me. I also still watch videos and drink and eat 'myself'.


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