Doctor Bob

The Doctor speaking

I have been busy now for years with this fascinating hobby: playing a doctor. 31 years ago after having fantasies I've decided to take the plunge and looked for a playmate for a play doc session. The first time was via a contact ad, with success. Via an experienced doctor/ patient I was able to experience my first time as a doctor and as Dominant. In the beginning, awkward, inexperienced, no coach, no gear and no playroom. But after three years I made a begin with my own playroom, in the attic area with a homemade gyno table, with wonderful homemade leg supports.

Acquiring the first patients wasn't so easy, but once the Internet became more available, it suddenly took off. Making contacts was made easier by using MSN and chat. And then ...... in 2004 patient C wrote the first report. She knew how to document perfectly in details, the scary, sweet and intense details of her first SM experience and her first medical play session. Other people who read that report also began to get 'the feeling' and wanted to make appointment. The reports promised that there was more to come. 

More reports, more experience and increasingly evident that this doctor was deadly serious. Using this concept, patients, who came here for the first time had the assignment to put their experience on paper. The first report dates from around twelve years ago. After that, the growth, the development of the Nursing Practice took off. The second gyno table, a play room which was furnished specifically for the job and the collection of equipment over the years gave the Practice an increasingly more professional appearance. 

After the house move and the third gyno table, the number of reports had become so big extensive that the 100 pages mark had been reached. Patients told me that it was about time that I wrote an intro for the collection. So here I am sitting at my PC and putting my thoughts on paper.


My kick

My principle, being a play doctor, is: 'If a real doctor doesn’t have sex with his patient, then neither does this doctor.'
So my kick isn’t the right to have up and down sex. So what is it? The ultimate kick from my side of the game is power. There are relatively speaking many inexperienced playmates and what is nicer than to be able to hear: 'I didn’t know that I could do that' and 'I could only ever have one orgasm'. The power over somebody’s fears. At the same time, the pleasure, the power over the shame and the lust. 

Nothing is nicer than to hear later from someone, who discovers after many years that trusting and surrendering herself to a dominant man is a unique experience. The great thing is that as I have gained more experience ( > 500 different playmates ) it has become easier. Being able to 'read' a new playmate has become easier and I am thus able to adapt my play easier to the wishes and limits of my patients. I don’t only do medical play, but since 2007 also other forms of SM. Mostly intensive, very personal and often less detached, and with more personal contact though you won’t read much about that in these reports. 

Those sessions are not medical play and also there is no doctor who would be paid for his services in the form of a summary. You are able to find those reports under another section.


The first contact

Most contacts these days come about via via. Someone who is openly enthusiastic and of course can’t keep her mouth shut tells her friends about her experiences. If someone is personally recommended, making contact is made much easier, compared via chat sites and Skype. I have become wiser through trial and error because of the high incidence of fakers: chatting is okay, but as long as I haven’t been able to speak to someone personally on the phone, I bear it in mind that it could be a faker .

And for as long as that situation remains, I don’t pour too much energy into it by relaying my story and neither do I have too much patience. 'Read the reports then and let's hear from you.' A lot of people are just curious, but try to come over as being interested in a play date. I have been led to become very critical through these vague sort of contacts. But if someone has the courage, the nerve to phone (or be phoned), then they have shown that they have in principle enough nerve to take the next step. 

After a phone call, and yet another phone call and more chat, there is sometimes enough trust to organize an appointment, a play date. I always use a specified sub-list through which the limits can be set. Sometimes a playmate doesn’t want to take the plunge, the big step all at once and would rather come just for an introduction or come along to watch. This is all possible. It’s also possible to bring along a friend or (SM) partner to a play date. After all, the patients need to feel comfortable (the medical play itself is exciting enough) and of course ideally will come back quickly for a follow up appointment.

And then?

And then the first appointment. Playmates are always so concerned about what can and what can’t, how does a role-play go? I ‘m not able to do role-play!! A role-play goes as it goes. As if you’re just going on a visit to your GP. Thank goodness, after all these years, I am not nervous at all so press the doorbell and put yourself in the hands of an experienced Doctor!


And further?

Along pure role-play medical sessions I also do other activities that can be read about in some of the reports. With people who I know a little longer, I sometimes do my best to find a way to make their unfilled fantasies come true. Through my experience and my contacts they can sometimes be really great: giving playmates their first bi experience, going for the first time to an SM party, organizing SM dinners, training new doctors and nurses, organizing workshops in this field and coaching beginners within the area of SM.


I use a few guide rules

  • Everything is possible but nothing is compulsory.
  • An open and honest communication is essential. That is possible via eg Skype. If after that I don’t hear anything from you, I will delete you from my contact list.
  • The right ‘click‘ is more important for me than age or looks.
  • Your limits, and mine must be respected at all times.
  • Filled out and completed sub lists have to be sent in.
  • In the case of an eventual cancellation. This has to be done over the phone and not as a ‘chicken‘ over an e-mail or any other form eg. WHATSAPP, SMS
  • Minimum age is 18 years.
  • A play session with a man alone is possible, as long as you are accompanied by a female partner, to hold your hand.            


I have enough to offer and I have a lot of playmates. I am therefore in a position to be critical . You’ve got the courage to make an appointment..... or not. Have fun reading the reports. I hope that it begins to tingle! Make some contact and discover if it's going to be your kick, your fantasy. Do understand that as you read these reports that Doctor Bob remains the same person, it is the experiences of the patients that are different. Bye for now and see you in the Practice.


Doctor Bob