Slave or Master?

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Slave E. needed a punishment. Both she and her kind Master P. understood that. So it was Master P. who ordered her to his room. Slave E., with her smooth pussy wearing high heels and stockings, but for the rest completely naked, entered the room. She was nervous for she knew this was going to be a severe punishment. 'Take that chair, sit down with your slave tits hanging over the backrest. Put your hands behind your back. You have let your Master down, you silly cow! It's my job to make you realize your error in judgement and to ensure it won't happen again.'

The Master turned on the violin concerto of Mendelssohn played by Hillary Hahn, took a pair of handcuffs and attached them to the wrists of the slave. He then tied her feet to the chair and used the rope to press her belly to the backrest. Knowing then that the slave was helpless he showed two nipple clamps, a piece of wood and a needle. The slave started to understand what was about to happen and whined. 'Please master, sorry. I am so sorry. I should have never engaged myself with other men without your permission. No! please don't. I made a mistake.

I was afraid to open my heart. I see it now. Please no. What would my husband say?' 'Slave E., as mentioned, you have severely hurt the feelings of your master. YOUR MASTER. The one whom you swore to submit yourself to. The one person who opened up for you. The person who does anything in his power to make you feel SPECIAL as you have indicated that this is important to you. Your master, who cares about you, your family,  your friends, your career. Your Master, who insofar he can, will do whatever it takes to pleasure his slave.

And you? What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO, WHORE?' He said with a raised voice. 'You gave yourself to the first cock who gives you some compliments. Was your master not giving you enough attention? What were you thinking? Is it a cry for attention?' Slave E. started to whine, tears rolling down her cheeks. 'I'm sorry Master. You are right. I was stupid. I was afraid you would break my heart. I wanted to be in control myself. I thought our relation was difficult and sad. My emotions took the overhand. I am sorry. Please. I am so sorry.

Give me second chance to prove that I am truly yours, please?' Master P. didn't look impressed and presented a whip. 'WHACK!' sounded the whiplash that landed on her bounding tits. The result was a high pitched scream followed by more whining. 'Please Master, forgive me. I will do anything ' 'WHACK, WHACK, WHACK...' followed by more screaming and crying. Master P. applied the nipple clamps just behind the tip of the nipple, allowing the nipple to proudly point forward. 'My dear slave, you can't help yourself. So much is clear to the Master. That is why you require me to help you. 

I am going to teach you a lesson you won't forget you fucking slut!' From a little box, he showed two golden nipple rings. 'No no, please Master. Forgive me. I beg you!' But the Master showed no mercy. He reached out his hand and held the face of the Slave in his hand, saying: 'My dear slave, you know I have special feelings for you. We both know this situation is new to us. What I am about to do, is for the better.' He paused and watched the trembling slave and spoke: 'I know this is going to hurt, but in the end it will be worthwhile.

It will increase your pleasure, both from a physical and psychological point of view. It will always remind who your Master is and thus take away your fear of being deserted.' He held the piece of wood under the nipple top, presented the needle and pierced a hole. He watched slave E. scream, beg and wriggle in agony whilst the blood was running down the nipple, over her breast. He continued without even blinking an eye. From out the little box he took out the nipple piercing. Cleaning it with some alcohol, he pressed the ring through the bleeding hole.

The slave continued with crying and screaming. 'Well now slave E. that looks quite good', he said and he grinned while he relentlessly pierced the other nipple. Again slave E. screamed and cried, but this time she stopped begging for she knew it wasn't going to help her. He inserted the second nipple ring as well, saying: 'That will teach you, my little suck and fuck slave. I expect you to say thank you and show your gratitude. You are to wear this gift with pride which will remind you of your silly dwelling. And, by the way, rest assured that these rings will increase your pleasure.

So you see even if you hurt the Master's feelings, he is still thinking about your well-being.' He removed the nipple clamps, took a towel drenched in cold water and cleaned the skin that looked pretty sore. He then untied the slave and removed the handcuffs and indicated that she was dismissed. Slave E. looked surprised and bewildered at the same time. She took the towel that was lying on the floor and cleaned her breasts again. At the same time she noticed that her pussy was pulsating.

She sat on her knees and lied down on the floor in the position that was known as the 'humble position' repeating over and over:' Master, thank you. Thank you for your lesson, I, I, I was wrong. I clearly see it now. I have hurt your feelings and you have given me a present, my dear Master. Thank you. Please can I do anything that would make you feel better? I am forever yours Master.  will never betray you again. Master, your will is my command. Please accept my apologies. Will you please forgive me Master? Please Master. Will you please forgive me?'

Master P. looked satisfied and said: 'slave E. you are forgiven, but you need to open up more. The Master expects details of your whereabouts and deepest feelings. How can he please you if he does not fully comprehend your ways?' And from out the little box, he took a golden chain with two clips which he attached to the nipple rings. 'You look beautiful my dear slave, Master P. would like to stress again that he has got rid of all his other slaves, because he sees something special in you and he would like you to understand that he has no desires for other slaves. You are just perfect.' 

Slave E. spoke whilst still crying a bit: 'My dear Master, you are right. I see it now. I will follow your instructions. You have had a difficult time Master. Please make yourself comfortable and allow me to gently suck you off until you can fill my throat with your heavenly cum. Of course slave E. didn't suck straight away. She undressed the Master and indicated that he should relax on the bed. She then spread her pulsating pussy and began to stride gently up and down the balls and cock of Master P. The effect was surprisingly, as for the cock of the Master grew thick and erect.

She than instructed the Master to spread his legs a bit so she could lick his little hole of pleasure. The Master started to sigh and said: 'That's a good girl. You have been trained well. You know what I like. Yeah! Go on. Lick it E.!'  Slave E. used her finger to gently probe and massage his dark opening until she thought the moment was there to suck off her beloved cock. And so it happened that the throat of the slave E. was filled with a load of cum that was surprisingly large for the Master had even took the effort to abstain a few days. 

Slave E, relishing it all but only swallowed half, felt warm and was grateful that her relation with her Master was good again. She quietly waited, or hoped, for new instruction taking the humble pose. 'Come here my dear Slave; I want to suckle your tits a bit and please give your Master a kiss.' Slave E. knew that her Master was a lover of cum as well so she did as instructed and presented the Master her open mouth, showing the silvery substance, waiting for Master P. to kiss and suck it out which he did with passion. 

Finally she took the humble position again, whereby her gorgeous behind faced her Master, waiting for some whipping. Master P. looked at her and thought: 'My god, I have been bewitched by this slave. If only she knew that I sometimes wonder how is the real slave...'


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