The milkshed

Submitted by Pip

Mistress E. entered the milkshed followed by her seven ‘other boys’. They were all naked, except for wearing black latex tight shorts with openings on the front and back allowing me to see their cocks. They were swinging from the left to the right. Some were bigger than the others. I felt confused since I don't fancy men, but I was nevertheless a bit excited when seeing these objects of desire. I also clearly remembered my first experience here in the milkshed. ‘Well there, my special one, I have a surprise for you’, she said to me. 'You just wait and see!'

I was awaiting her in the corner. The milking devices where not attached to my nipples or my cock. I was wearing the same latex shorts as the other boys which were our usual outfits. Mistress E. liked to have an easy access to our private parts. I wanted to ask her what she meant, but I decided just to say: 'Thank you Mistress E.’ For I knew that she liked to be addressed in this way and did not like to be questioned. She directed the other boys to take on the ‘humble’ positions in a half circle, all facing the comfortable massage table in the middle.

She used the horsewhip -she had in her right hand- to give them all a light spanking, saying things like: ‘Come on now, spread your legs so I can hit your sweet spot. No, no my boy, no tears. You boy, spread wider!' I watched the whip land parallel to the crack of the butt whereby the tip of the whip hit the boy's 'little behind hole' as I used to call it. Not daring to speak out words like 'anus' or 'asshole'. 'Come on now, suck the tip of my shoe. You all here know what your Mistress needs.

I am proud you all succeeded in abstaining for three days', she continued, standing in front of the boys. She took the time for it and I noticed some of the boys got an erection whilst sucking the tip of her high heeled shoe. 'Your Mistress knows it is not an easy thing for you to abstain, my dear young stallions. Your balls feel heavy. Even your little cocks feel heavy, but' she continued speaking very slowly now, 'Your Mistress will make sure you will all be able to release yourself today'. By saying that, I noted the cocks of the boys were getting even harder.

Even my cock seemed to react a bit, but at the same time, I was also worried about my 'surprise'. So when she was finished with dominating her boys, she indicated that they could all stand up by using the 'present cocks' command. Immediately, the boys stood up. Yes, they all had a hard cock now, and, according to the command, they were allowed to gently stroke themselves to remain hard (which they all did). She then directed her attention to me and picked up a parcel from the floor. She opened it and showed me a thick black choker.

It had three rings and could be opened and closed with Velcro tape. Attached to the middle ring, there was a metal chain that split in two, where both ends lead to a nipple clamp. The boys where watching me whilst she attached the choker around my neck and applied the clamps to my nipples. They looked liked miniature car battery charger cables. She then put her hands around the chain and pulled me towards the boys, starting with the one on my side. As I said, I did not fancy boys at all, but the sight of his cock, being slowly wanked by his hand, certainly stirred something inside me.

'On all fours little boy, come on. Spread wide open your mouth and gently suckle the cock'. She let go of the chain and I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I hesitated a bit by saying 'but Mistress please. I don't know how to', but Mistress E's commands should not be challenged and she took out the whip and started to whip me similar with the other boys, but much harder. I let out a high pitched scream when the tip of the whip hit me right on my small opening.  I noted the other boys were grinning a bit.

'Suck it, come one. Mistress E. likes to watch her boys suck cocks'. So there I was, the Mistress' special boy. Of course I was proud to be special, but the tasks it involved where sometimes difficult. So I moved my head to the cock. It was quite a big one, at least longer and thicker than mine. The boy let go off it, so it dangled against my nose. It had a very distinct smell, not unpleasant. What could I do? So I opened my mouth and started to gently lick it. 'Come on, little boy show me your devotion. Now suck it inside your warm mouth. Let it glide in and out.

Yes! that's what I mean. Very good. I am very proud you're are letting yourself be mouth-fucked.' She said when she watched me sucking him. The boy's hips where slowly moving back and forth and every time the cock stopped gliding in, his heavy balls dangled against my chin. They felt warm as well. I also remember the smell of the latex and the stinging sensation in my nipples, caused by the moving of the chain which dangled by the fucking of my mouth. I lost myself and started to enjoy the feeling. I closed my eyes and just focused on the sensation of sucking, or being 'mouth-fucked', itself.

Suddenly I felt her two pairs of hands touching my butt. I heard Mistress E. issuing some instructions and felt my cheeks being spread. As a reaction I wanted to close my legs, but felt a so-called 'spreader' being attached to my ankles. At the same time I noted that the boy, who's dick was moving in and out of my mouth, grabbed the chain which intensified the feeling in my nipples. 'Don't be afraid little boy.' I heard her whisper and at the same time I felt something wet on my little hole. 'Mistress E. loves you. You know that, don't you? I will prepare you a bit now.'

I felt a tongue licking my behind followed, a bit later by a finger, gently probing my inside, in and out in the same rhythm as the cock moving in and out of my mouth. After a while the finger was replaced with something bigger, softer and warmer. I knew then it was one of the boys cock. I felt like crying, being fucked in my mouth and ass at the same time. Strange enough I noted that my cock was getting hard. What was happening? I wasn't gay and here I was being used like a little boy-whore for their pleasure and I seemed to enjoy it.

Suddenly the boy took out his cock out of my mouth and indicated that he was about to come. The Mistress indicated that he had to stand back in line and keep his cock hard. Then she gestured one of the other boys to come. He had a smaller and more tiny cock, but his balls were enormous. Just as I was about to open my mouth again, the mistress made him turn around and told him to spread his cheeks. I was just totally appalled. I looked at his hairy asshole and saw it coming towards me. 'Come little boy. Don't be shy. Lick it here. Yes, like a good boy slowly up and down.

Yes, very good', she said and she grabbed me by choker pushing my face in his butt. All the time I was still being slow-fucked from behind and I felt a strange sensation in my own cock. I nevertheless started to cry a bit. Then she indicated that the boy could turn around forcing me now to suck the second cock which I obediently did. When I felt the second boy was coming as well, I noticed that the first cock was back again. 'Little boy, as part of your cum training, I want you to quickly swallow both loads. Now come on open your mouth wide and let these boys squirt in your little whore-throat.'

The boy with the small cock suddenly exploded in my mouth, ejaculating his thick load deep in my throat. When I started to swallow it all, I felt that the Mistress was twisting my nipple clamps. He than retracted to make room for the first boy who almost came immediately being back in my mouth again. 'Come on little boy, suck it all up and when you're finished I want you to polish these cocks.' While she spoke these words I heard the boy, who was slow fucking me, grunt and suddenly I felt his cum squirting in my little hole.

I felt his cock shrivel and when he was out I felt the cum dripping down my legs. So then I was facing the two cocks which I had to 'polish'. I opened my mouth and sucked off both now soft cocks at the same time until the Mistress indicated that it was enough. 'Well now little boy, you see how special you are? You know that all the carefully abstained cum is normally for the Mistress, but this time, this time only, I share it with you.' I realized she was right and murmured something like 'Yes Mistress E. you are right. Thank you Mistress.'

'Now I want you to suck off the other four boys and when they almost come, you will let me suck out the last part.' The ankle spreader was removed and so it happened that I had to do all the hard work with in the back of my throat the tingling sensation of the semen. I had to suck off four cocks one by one. I even started to enjoy it more and more. And every time one of them was about to come my Mistress used the chain, attached to my nipples and the collar around my neck, to gently push me behind the boy.

I had to lick and probe his behind hole to facilitate a quick squirt in the mouth of my Mistress. When they were all finished she said to me: 'Well now everyone, it seems there is only one boy that hasn't come yet and he is my special boy.' She removed the clamps and indicated I could lie down on the massage table with my stiffy pointing in the air. 'I am personally going to suck him off, but first I am going to ride him. You are ordered to wank above his face. He will offer his mouth to you and will polish you all again whilst I am going to relax a bit by horse-riding my special boy.

Mistress E. was wearing her special outfit and I felt her blue stockings at my sides. I felt like I was in heaven. Being slow-fucked by my Mistress. Her pussy, totally smooth, was gently going up and down my cock. At the same time seven cocks were hovering above my face. When one of them indicated he would come, I turned my mouth towards him and ever greedily sucked and swallowed the second load. One time even two boys came at the same time and the effect of the three days of abstaining was just overwhelming. When they had all come, I had to polish their cocks again.

I remember that, at one moment, I had four shriveled cocks together in my mouth. Mistress E. indicated that she wanted to finally suck me off which she did. When I totally exploded in her mouth, she brought her face to mine and offered me a kiss. Then, as a surprise, I found out that she hadn't swallowed it yet for she squirted my cum back in my own mouth. The boys left quickly and Mistress E. complimented me on my hard work: 'My little boy, I am starting to get more and more fond of you.

I am now going to lie down on the table and expect you to suckle my clit until I come.' It went without saying that this was the most honorable job a slave could do for his Mistress, so I felt exuberant from happiness and started to further fulfill my destiny: pleasuring my Mistress. And so another day in the milking shed past...


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