Unexpected sex with my mother-in-law

Submitted by Naughty husband

My father-in-law calls me saying he is having problems with his computer. He asks me if I want to check it for him. I indicate that I can help him in an hour. That's no problem for him. He himself will be gone. He says: 'You have the key. Just do your thing.' A little later I leave home for my parents-in-law's house to work on the computer. My father-in-law's car is gone. Only my mother-in-law's car is still there. I assume they left with my father-in-law's car as they often do.
I want to go inside and put my key in the lock. Then I see that the garage door is still open. Strange.

They must have forgotten to lock it. I walk around downstairs, but no one seems to be home. I go to my father-in-law's study. The PC is still on, so I can get started right away. Suddenly Yahoo Messenger pops open. I'm curious who it is and open the message. I read: 'Honey, where are you now? I'm waiting for you.' There is a photo of a naked woman. Quite a nice thing actually. Attracted by the message I secretly go through chats and come across several women who look quite good. Apparently he's dating those women.

I see messages like: 'I secretly eat sweets outside the house sometimes' and see hot photos of nice women with big tits. I read the chat conversations my father-in-law has had with other women and come to the conclusion that they are very horny. I also see hot photos and even videos of women playing with themselves with or without a toy. In the meantime I have gotten a hard cock from it and it has made me very horny. I get up and walk to the landing to listen for anything. I just heard something cracking, but there is no one in sight. All those hot chats and photos have made me quite horny.

On his PC I find a folder with photos of all kinds of hot ladies. I open my pants and take out my stiffened cock. I start jerking off while watching those hot videos and photos. Because I'm so busy with myself, I didn't notice that my mother-in-law was standing in front of me in a bathrobe. She asks me if it's working a bit. My face turns bright red and I sit there with my hard cock in my hand, staring at her. I tell her that I thought no one was home and that my father-in-law asked me to fix his PC. 'Yes, yes,' she says. 'I see something completely different. I happened to be in the shower downstairs, so I was just at home.'

Shit! I didn't look there, but that explains why the garage door was still open. She says what she sees looks nice and comes closer. She grabs my hard cock and starts jerking me off. She asks me if I like her too. My cock is already getting nice and wet. Hmmmmm. She partly takes off her bathrobe and her large breasts appear. Those do look nice. Her nipples are hard, so I think she likes me too. She takes off my pants and starts circling her nipples with my cock. Those hard nipples feel very nice on my glans.

She grabs a pair of breasts and clamps my hard, wet cock between her breasts and moves her breasts up and down. Fuck! So good. I haven't experienced this yet. My cock just gets wetter and I feel like I'm about to come. I squirt against her face and over her tits. 'Did you like it that?' she says as she continues to jerk off my cock. She brings her mouth to my cock and starts sucking it. Softly at first, but then harder and harder. Fucking hell, that is so good and my mother-in-law is so horny. She gives me a good blowjob. Her daughter can learn something from that. I take off my shirt.

My cock is super sensitive, but super horny. I take her to their sauna that they have upstairs and take off her bathrobe.
I place her on the second layer with her legs spread wide and give her a nice lick over her shaved, wet pussy. Her hot pussy juice runs out and she moans with pleasure. She starts shaking all over while I'm eating her out. Her pussy is getting wetter. She moans softly, 'Keep going baby, keep going.' I stand next to her while I slide my hand into her pussy. My other hand plays with her hard nipples. She grabs my cock again and starts sucking it nicely.

I go faster and faster with my hard cock up and down in her pussy and feel her pussy contract with pleasure. She also sucks my cock harder and harder. Suddenly she screams loudly and squirts her pussy empty. Then she needs to recover. She gets down on her knees on the bench so I can fuck her doggy style. Hmmmm, that pussy of hers is nice and wet. I fuck her hard and deep and feel her pussy tighten around my cock. Her pussy gets nice and tight. I feel my seed injecting into her pussy. I wanted it, I still can't stop it, but I can't do it anymore. She says: 'Nice, you're cum in my pussy. Nice and warm.'

She fingers herself while I fuck her. I now place her with her legs spread out in front of me and fuck her in that position. In the meantime I lick and suck her nipples. We French kiss. When we are exhausted, I lie on top of her. 'That was really enjoyable', she says. 'You can come and do this more often. This was super tasty.'


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