Adventure in Turkey

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After our trip to Paris, Marrit and I decided that after more than half a year of hard work, we deserved a lazy vacation. The summer season was already over, so Marrit and I would have to find the heat ourselves. Neither of us felt like a long flight. Warm, not too far and affordable, those were our main criteria. Our choice quickly fell on Turkey. Both Marrit and I had been there before. Side was at the top of our 'I haven't been there yet' lists. Friends of ours had been there. They were completely lyrical about their hotel at the time: the all-in resort Magic Life.

Anyone who knew Marrit and me would not have thought it strange at all that Marrit and I even managed to turn the preparations for this holiday into a form of foreplay. There is an Australian company called Wicked Weasel that designs, manufactures and sells only women's swimwear. Their name already carries something naughty in it and that is reflected in their collection. For example, almost all their bathing suits and bikinis are miniscule in size. Nipples are barely covered and some bathing suits even have open crotches.

Wicked Weasel is so proud of its products that they even developed the site 'Microminimus'. On it, usually partners of, their buyers can post pictures of themselves in their swimwear. A winner will be announced every month. I had my eye on a white bikini, which was still acceptable in terms of textile use. The special thing about that bikini, however, was that it became completely transparent as soon as it got wet. So a lady walked 'covered' into the sea to come out 'transparent' again. I suggested this to Marrit, who was immediately 'in' for it.

We ordered the bikini, which according to the site would be delivered within seven days. Less than twenty-four hours later, I received an email from Byron Bay, Australia. Due to production problems, the ordered bikini could not be delivered until next month, but then Marrit and I would already be in Side. I canceled the order. Marrit was a bit disappointed about it. She thought wearing this bikini had something erotic. Now it just so happened that there was a lingerie shop less than two hundred meters from my studio. It was appropriately called 'O body'.

In addition to women's lingerie, swimwear was also sold there. In the store, Marrit and I looked for a bikini that matched those of Wicked Weasel in terms of shape and color, but especially in terms of transparent properties. I could hear from Marrit's cry that she had found something in the rack. She proudly held up a bikini on a coat hanger. I immediately noticed that the clothes hanger was almost bigger than the bikini itself. That was actually a big part of the fun. The saleswoman, a lady clearly in her second half of her fifties in age and haircut, approached.

She stood right next to Marrit and said, barely audible to me, that this bikini might not be such a good choice. Marrit had to know that if this bikini got wet, it would shine through very much. "You mean it," replied Marrit with an innocent face. The saleswoman was clearly convinced that Marrit would quickly put the bikini back on the rack for this reason. When Marrit didn't do that, and even more so, walked to the fitting rooms with the bikini, the lady seemed slightly disconcerted. Her disapproval seemed to disappear when Marrit said she could always wear something under this bikini.

Marrit pulled the curtain of the fitting room closed. I heard the rustle of her clothes as she undressed. Marrit wouldn't have been Marrit if she hadn't called me after a few seconds. Behind the half-open curtain, Marrit was standing wearing only her bikini bottoms. Her breasts looked at me. Smiling broadly, Marrit turned around again, pushed me outside and pulled the curtain closed again. Again I heard rustling and Marrit opened the curtain again. Now Madame was standing with only her bra on. Her shaved pussy looked at me. To make it even 'worse', Marrit bent over slightly.

According to her, a thread from the bikini bottom had caught between her labia, so Marrit now pulled those labia apart. Their soft pink color yawned at me. What a rascal Marrit was, but our choice was made. We also bought a matching shawl for any unwanted situations. Just before shaking her head, the saleswoman looked after us. On arrival at home, of course, it had to be investigated to what extent Marrit's new bikini would turn out to be transparent. Marrit stepped into the shower in her new acquisition. With her hair not even wet, Marrit came out of the shower with a grin again.

The most striking statement was that Marrit wore a composition of some textiles, which did not match each other. Not only Marrit's breasts and nipples were visible. Her pants also left nothing to be desired in terms of clarity. If Marrit pulled up the straps over her hips even slightly, the cut of her bottoms even caused Marrit's vagina to clearly change into a camel toe. It seemed a bit too much anyway. The bikini would come along, but whether Marrit would actually wear it would really depend on the situation and atmosphere at that moment.

In mid-October, Marrit and I boarded a completely white plane at Schiphol. I still couldn't say which airline we flew with. Anyway, this white 'bird' would fly us to Antalya in almost four and a half hours. From there it was almost two hours away by taxi that would pick us up at the airport. Because of our time of departure from the Netherlands, Marrit and I would not arrive at our destination until around ten o'clock in the evening. So it was almost dark when our taxi turned into the driveway of the hotel. We checked in and were allocated a sea view room on the third floor. 

When Marrit opened our room door, the first thing that greeted us was a pleasant coolness. Even in October it was still warm in Side. The day temperature rose effortlessly every day to thirty-five degrees. The air conditioner in our taxi had stopped working. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with that of our room. It was spotless and even quite luxurious. Marrit and I would manage here for the next two weeks. Exciting things were about to happen in this room. Take a shower first. The shower was all glass. You could see all the way through the shower room from the bathroom.

You then had a wide view of the double bed and the large balcony. The shower room was spacious enough for two people. The first night at Magic Life was already great, but would only be a harbinger of things to come. Most of our days on the Turkish south coast were not much different from other people's. Marrit and I enjoyed our hotel, the food and drinks, the sea and each other. If the walls of our hotel room could have written, it could have resulted in a separate book. As a confession I will highlight two situations.

After the beach, Marrit and I went to lie down on a lounger by the large swimming pool. This time Marrit wore a black bikini, the top of which was only put on when leaving the beach. We had a drink when Marrit said completely out of the blue that she was incredibly excited for sex. Not such a startling statement in itself, because our entire vacation and even our way of interacting with each other breathed sex. It was the glue in our relationship. Such a clear statement from a beautiful, sensual and scantily clad young lady cannot simply be ignored.

We finished our glasses and walked to the elevator. Even in the elevator, Marrit and I couldn't keep their hands off each other. Camera or not. Furthermore, we (still) behaved properly. Arriving at the hotel room, Marrit immediately wanted to jump on me. I didn't let that happen so easily. I dodged any attempt at physical contact smoothly. It shouldn't be too easy and too predictable either. I opened the balcony doors and pushed two chairs into the last rays of the day's sun. On the way to the minibar, Marrit held out another hand at my crotch. I managed to dodge this one too.

The bottle of Efes beer was ice cold. Marrit echoed from the bathroom that she would like a bottle of water. Still in my swimsuit, I sat down on the balcony. I had deliberately left Marrit's water indoors to prevent the water from becoming lukewarm again due to the sun. Marrit also came out a little later. In her bikini bottoms and with the bottle of water in her hand. She stood next to me and lifted the water above my head. 'Have a go', I challenged Marrit, so exactly what was inevitable happened: Marrit turned the bottle over my head.

After a short chase through the hotel room, I took a diving dive, causing Marrit and I to fall onto our bed, laughing. Of course that turned into an intense lovemaking in which both Marrit and I no longer wore any textiles. Marrit wanted to fuck. Me too, but not right away. Marrit had to do her best, I thought. So, hard or not, I turned and rolled off the bed. I put my swimsuit back on and I walked back to the balcony. Marrit stared at me in disbelief. This can't be true, I read in her frustrated look. I thought it was a fun game.

I had half finished my bottle of beer when Marrit also walked back onto the balcony. Again in her bikini bottoms. Unlike before, she had now put on her top. She also had a fluffy towel wrapped around her. If this had to be my punishment, I could laugh about it. So I did. That was again not my most brilliant moment. Marrit really started to challenge me. Women can do that very well if they put their full conviction into it. Marrit was very convinced, I must say. However, with an unexpected sequel. First the towel disappeared with a sensual gesture to the floor.

After a graceful belly dance, Marrit loosened her top in a very thoughtful way. Like an accomplished stripper, she managed to hold the cups of the top with her breasts, despite the loose straps. Interesting, but that's where the sensual story ended.
With what was intended as a graceful gesture, Marrit innocently threw her top over her shoulder. Unfortunately just a little too enthusiastic, because instead of landing on the balcony, the top flew over the railing of the balcony with a beautiful arc. You could carry me away. Especially since Marrit's eyes followed the top.

Marrit suddenly also saw the humor in her performance. We were laughing like two teenagers on the balcony. My beer was gone. I told Marrit that I would go downstairs and pick up her top. There was no top piece on the ground floor. I looked up and saw a young lady in a tight camisole and short skirt sitting on the balcony of the first floor. With wet hair she was sitting on the balcony looking through some brochures from the lobby, but I didn't see any Marrit top hanging over the railing either. My glance at the second floor brought relief. Marrit's top half hangs over the railing on the second floor.

There were no people on that balcony that I could ask to throw the trifle at me. Good advice was expensive. I decided to ask the young lady on the first floor if she could reach Marrit's top. When I approached, the lady in question turned out to speak French. I explained the situation to her, which also caused her to smile broadly. She could never reach the top from the balcony. She walked in and came back with what looked like a camera tripod. She climbed onto the railing, while I gave her a warning. Even when she stretched out all the way, she couldn't reach it. 

What I could reach, at least with my eyes, was her naked pussy looking at me from under the skirt. I'd be lying if I said this had been my worst afternoon in Side. Let me be fair by saying that not only the sea view from my balcony was beautiful. In terms of appreciation, the Frenchwoman came very close to the sea view. My torment was not yet over. The camera tripod was twenty centimeters short. The French lady climbed off the railing and went back into her room. I have no idea where she got it from, but now she had a broom in her hand. Again the railing was climbed and again I was in front row.

Now it was possible to raise Marrit's top from two floors. After a 'merci beaucoup' I walked back to the elevator with it as a trophy. In the hotel room I told everything to Marrit. She pretended to be deeply offended now. A little later it would appear that Marrit had come up with a different way of 'dealing with'. Marrit came to stand next to me and put her hand on my penis. She supposedly just wanted to check if the sight of the French pussy had turned me on. Slowly, but with pressure, Marrit stroked my penis. Marrit expertly managed to bring it to life.

Within two minutes I was in my swimming trunks with a large pole. Marrit crouched down and deftly fished my erection out of my swimming trunks. Marrit conveniently pulled it down to my knees. Proud and expectant my cock stared into the wide world. Marrit let the outside world know with her mouth exactly what not only my head, but my entire cock including my balls would look like. Marrit held my cock tight with her left hand. Her right hand sought and found my scrotum. Marrit stroked the underside of it.

Every now and then Marrit squeezed my pocket, which caused a brief pain sensation, but that didn't feel unpleasant at all. I wanted to caress Marrit's hair and head. Marrit didn't want that. After all, she had been naughty and now she had to make it up to me. I didn't know this side of Marrit yet. Marrit has continued to amaze me even beyond our interaction with each other. After she had turned her upper body away a few times, I was finally allowed to touch Marrit's breasts. Marrit's nipples were as hard as nails. I turned my chair slightly so that Marrit was now on her knees directly in front of me.

I could now use both my hands and all my ten fingers to caress Marrit's breasts. Marrit looked straight into my eyes a few times during the blowjob. At first I had seen feigned anger and excitement in it, now I saw a kind of trance. Marrit was completely absorbed in her game. Marrit also knew that I found being watched extra exciting. I now had to decide very quickly what to do with this situation. Continuing like this would lead to an orgasm in Marrit's mouth within a minute. There was no doubt about that. Although I knew that Marrit also liked this, I also wanted to be nice to her.

That was also so characteristic for Marrit and me. Mood and situation could suddenly change. Where all the initiative had just been with Marrit, I now took over from her. Marrit didn't want to stop sucking me at first. I actually had to lift her mouth off my cock because Marrit was so determined. Marrit and I ended up on our big bed again. Her and my swimsuit disappeared with a thud on the floor. Of course I couldn't resist saying that if my swimming trunks sailed over the balcony, Marrit would have to go get them. That gave me a knee.

My next comment about that French pussy resulted in knee number two. Immediately Marrit did her best to repair any damage between my legs. Marrit tried to be as sweet as possible with her hands, mouth and tongue. That worked out well for her. Marrit and I went all over the bed. We used all our limbs and other body parts to take us both to seventh heaven. Marrit and I fucked, pumped, caressed, kissed and licked. Anything could and could happen and so it did. Totally satisfied, Marrit and I entered the glass shower together. Freshened up and in evening clothes we walked to the restaurant.

A couple at the table next to us kindly greeted us. 'Germans', Marrit and I whispered at the same time. After a delicious seafood dinner and a surprising Australian wine, Marrit and I walked to the foyer, where a band was playing. As far as their musical development was concerned, the band had clearly stuck in the sixties. Except for a single trip to the seventies. Marrit and I decided to have a drink at one of the swimming pools. The German couple had apparently come up with the same idea. Now the couple perched two tables away from us. Marrit and I didn't say much.

I think both Marrit and I were silently enjoying themselves. Our whole vacation had been one big party so far. Crickets made their signature noise in the background. That sound, together with the soft lapping of the illuminated pool water, created a truly Mediterranean holiday atmosphere. Around half past eleven Marrit and I decided to go to our room. We took off our clothes. I took another Efes from the minibar and sat on the balcony in my underpants. There was no light in our room. With the balcony doors open, Marrit and I didn't want to attract insects.

Just as I was about to turn around to see where Marrit was, Marrit stepped outside, stark naked. Her sun-bleached hair, her eyes and her tanned skin gave her something almost enchanting, but at the same time something terribly horny. Marrit only made matters worse by saying that she knew it was a fantasy of mine to have sex on the balcony. Marrit would make that fantasy come true tonight. My penis turned into a rock hard cock within thirty seconds. I didn't know how fast I had to get my underpants off. I had indeed told Marrit that I would find that one of the highlights of our holiday. 

For me it was just more than fucking. Of course we would soon be raging like animals, but there would also be moments of caressing and loving each other. For me that was inseparable from fucking. Not that all rules and agreements can be thrown overboard during a moment of extreme horniness, but now Marrit and I had time to ourselves. Why rush yourself when you could experience everything that came to mind together? I lifted Marrit onto the table and opened her legs. Marrit glowed again. I didn't immediately go for 'the grand prize'.

I knew that if I went to fuck on the balcony later I would be in all states. I wished Marrit, but I also wished that myself, that she could experience exactly the same timeless and shameless experience that I was going to experience. I kissed Marrit's nipples and breasts, but also her forehead and eyes. Her nose and warm mouth also got kisses from me. Everything around us became calm and quiet. With kisses on Marrit's neck and chest I reached her breasts and belly. I was still squatting between Marrit's open legs, but I had to slide back a little to allow my mouth and tongue to reach every part of Marrit's intimate area.

I enjoyed treating Marrit's pussy with my hands, fingers, mouth and tongue. Everything that seemed even remotely possible and came to my mind at this moment, I did with Marrit. From Marrit's attempts to decapitate me between her thighs, I concluded that Marrit also let herself go completely. After a clear and intense orgasm from Marrit I wanted to feel Marrit's pussy around my cock. Marrit pulled her legs up until her feet touched the tabletop. I could now disappear to the root of my dick in Marrit without any restrictions.

It was as if Marrit sucked me in. Instead of me having to move, Marrit did it from her impossible position. However unlikely, Marrit did it! I took over her pace and as we looked deep into each other's eyes, our ecstasy increased and so did the pace. In the beginning, Marrit and I were still able to shoot in sync. As the passion increased, Marrit and I lost each other in our own rhythm. A highlight for me was the moment when Marrit pushed me back. She stretched out her long legs and placed them on my shoulders.

This caused Marrit's pelvis to tilt. I didn't just see her slit with her shiny pussy. I also saw her little star. I pushed my cock down again in front of her cave. With two or three hip movements I was deep in Marrit again. Marrit not only moved forwards and backwards. Marrit tensed and relaxed the muscles in her pussy at the same time. It was precisely that squeezing and releasing that did it for me. The lighting of the pools became increasingly blurry. The German couple I had just been able to see sharply had turned into a dark spot. Behind my head, Marrit also crossed her feet.

I don't know exactly how that works anatomically, but it did. Marrit was no longer here either. Her eyes were closed. Marrit's head moved back and forth, but also forward and back wildly. I felt her orgasm coming from underneath her body.
Marrit moaned so loudly that the German couple must have heard it. I can't say anything about my own decibels with certainty, but I suspect that Marrit and I were together subject to the Nuisance Act. My next fantasy came true. Marrit pushed me back. She turned and stood with her back to me.

Marrit then bent forward until her upper body rested on the tabletop. Marrit slumped down and opened her legs slightly. There was no place on earth I would rather have been at that moment. For me this was Valhalla. Especially when my hard cock disappeared in Marrit. I didn't take Marrit, but Marrit allowed herself to be taken. That made a big difference. There was a complete surrender at Marrit. Everything I wanted to do with Marrit tonight, she would now allow. That feeling of power and control didn't unleash the beast in me.

I knew Marrit well enough to know that she wasn't looking for wild sex herself. Marrit now wanted to be loved in all her womanhood. That's why I didn't ram my cock into Marrit from behind. Slowly and with small, rhythmic hip movements, my cock kept discovering new, small subtle nuances that I heard Marrit enjoying. The only hard thing about Marrit at that moment was my cock inside her. Furthermore, Marit was malleable as wax and totally relaxed. This would have been the time to introduce Marrit to anal sex, but that would have been so out of place at the moment that I immediately dropped that thought.

My hands slid over Marrit's back and fell to Marrit's flanks, against the base of her breasts. As if she could read minds, Marrit's upper body rose slightly. I felt a little guilty that I had now put an end to her total relaxation. As I continued to slowly and gently go in and out of Marrit, my hands caressed her breasts and nipples. I think we spent at least ten minutes together. Every now and then I felt something of an orgasm coming on, but I knew that things could still be better for Marrit. At a certain point it was really time to let it come to a discharge. 

In Marrit's case, this manifested itself in a backward movement that she held for at least thirty seconds. By clamping my cock I noticed that Marrit came. Even Marrit's breathing remained calm. Deeper, but really still quiet. I also felt my muscles contract. Where otherwise I sometimes even feel my cum explosively shooting out of my cock, now it felt more like a slow deflation. I didn't spray, but seemed to flow more. I also liked that Marrit and I stayed like that for at least a minute after our orgasm. I withdrew myself from Marrit.

My kisses on her buttocks made her hands search for my head. Marrit stroked my head. What ended this evening was a kiss on our mouths where Marrit and I said 'thank you' to each other almost at the same time.


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