Miles high

Next weekend it's autumn break and then we want to go on holiday again. My boyfriend and I go on holiday together every year to the sun. For this year we have booked a holiday to an all-inclusive hotel in Hurghada. I'm really looking forward to lying on the beach and not having to do anything else for a while. The sun shining on your body. This always provides extra relaxation. I get my suitcase from the attic and put it on my bed. I open the door of my wardrobe and put the clothes I want to take with me in the suitcase. Since it is nice and warm there, I only take light clothing with me.

I take the stack of summer dresses from the closet and look for the most beautiful one. From the pile of bikinis I take the two bikinis that I recently ordered online. I know that these look good on me and my feminine shapes come out extra well in them. The red bikini is especially favourite. I have noticed that the color red always has a special effect on men. I open the drawer of my underwear and pull out a stack of black lace panties. I also put the matching sexy bras in my suitcase. Finally, I open my special drawer. This drawer contains all the exciting stuff.

I take a pencil case from the drawer and open it. When the case is open a smile appears on my face. With the things in the case I have had many a nice evening. In addition to massage oil and lubricant, there are various vibrators in the case. My favorite toy the womanizer can also be found in the case. This is truly the best invention ever. Women who have trouble coming or have a man who can't satisfy them should have a womanizer in their bedside table. With the womanizer you are guaranteed to reach a wonderful orgasm in no time. Unlike other toys, the womanizer works on air pressure.

This feels great down under. We have already experienced many wonderful highlights together. Even after a few disappointing dates, I finished it off at home with my favorite toy. She has never let me down unlike some men. This toy will certainly go on holiday. To be on the safe side, I also throw the ribbed condoms and lubricant in my suitcase. After all, you never know when they might come in handy. In the same drawer I also find my stockings. Stockings are irresistible to almost all men. On the dates I have worn these, this has always been very much appreciated.

Especially in combination with matching sexy lingerie. I also throw two new sexy black sets of stockings in my suitcase just to be on the safe side. When all the things are in my suitcase I lock the suitcase and put it ready in the hallway. I put the suitcase next to my friend's suitcase. Tomorrow morning is the day and we leave for Schiphol. That evening we go to bed on time as we have to get up early the next morning. Spoon, spoon, we soon fall asleep together. The next morning the alarm clock wakes us up, we shower and eat and we leave for Schiphol.

Half an hour later we arrive at the airport and park our car. We take the suitcases out of the trunk and walk to the check-in desk. There is already a long queue. When we are in line, I leave my friend behind in the check-in line and go to the toilet. In my hand luggage I packed a sexy body and matching lingerie as a surprise for my boyfriend. In the toilet I change and go back to the line where it is almost my friend's turn. We check in and go through customs to find the gate from which we depart.

Since we first walked into some shops, it is already quite busy at the gate and almost all seats are occupied. Luckily we found a spot. Sitting in my seat, I scan the fellow passengers. There are people of different ages. From young to old and from groups of friends to young families. My eye falls on a group of friends. The boys are about ten years younger than me and all look good. Nicely tanned and muscular. One boy in particular catches my eye. He has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Our eyes meet and he smiles. I smile back. I look around the room.

When I've looked at everyone, my gaze moves back to the boy with the dark brown hair and blue eyes. Again and again my attention is drawn to him. While he talks and laughs with his friends I regularly see him looking my way. Looks like the interest is mutual. Just before we have to board I quickly go to the toilet. When I walk in that direction I see the boy also get up from his chair. He also walks towards the toilets. When I walk back from the toilet I don't pay attention to the people around me and I bump into someone walking in front of me.

When I look up I see that it is the boy with the dark brown hair and the bright blue eyes. I look into his eyes and apologize myself. He says it's no problem. He holds out his hand and introduces himself. I grab his hand and introduce myself to him. We chat a bit and he turns out to be going to the same hotel as us. All kinds of exciting scenarios immediately play out in my head. It's boarding time, so I wish him a happy holiday and head back to my friend. We get in line and the group of friends comes behind us. As we stand in line, my boarding pass falls out of my hand and hits the floor.

I lean forward to pick it up and feel my skirt rise up over my stockings. This exposes the edge of my stockings. I straighten up again and hand my boarding pass to the woman behind the counter. On the plane, we sit in the seats assigned to us. The window seat next to me is still free. I hope it stays free so we have enough space during the flight. I see the group of friends enter the plane and walk towards us. They stop at the line in front of us. There are seven of them and there are six seats in the row in front of us. Six of the seven friends sit down in front of us.

The beautiful boy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes stops. He comes to stand next to us and points to the seat by the window. He apparently sits in the vacant seat by the window. My friend and I get up and let him sit in the window seat. This will be a flight with pleasant company next to me. We fasten the seat belts and are ready to taxi to the runway. I put my arm on the armrest and I feel my arm touch his. We both rest our arms on the armrest. It is quite chilly on the plane and the boy next to me puts his sweater over him. My friend fell asleep like a log after takeoff.

It is still very early and the lights in the cabin are off. I feel the boy next to me move his little finger up the side of my hand. So he dares to take some risks. I like that. I let him go and I look at him. He looks mischievously into my eyes and smiles. I give him a smile back. This apparently encourages him to take it one step further. He moves his hand from the side of my hand to the top of my arm. He caresses my hand and arm very subtly. When he's done I feel his hand go up the side of my arm to my leg.

I do the same to him and slide my hand under the sweater and caress his thigh. Slowly I move my hand towards his knee and excruciatingly slowly back up. I notice that he is not unmoved by the bulge that appears under my hand in his pants. Under his sweater I keep massaging the bulge in his pants. I pretend to look out the window and see him closing his eyes. I also see how his lips part slightly and he gently blows air out. As I continue to massage him, I feel his hand slide up my thigh. He looks at me surprised when he doesn't feel a slip. Given the situation we're in, I'm pretty excited by now.

His inquisitive fingers simply slide inside me. I spread my legs a little further, so that his fingers can penetrate me a little deeper. He moves his face closer to mine. He kisses my earlobe and whispers in my ear for me to follow him to the bathroom. I stand up and carefully step over my friend's legs and walk to the toilet. I see him soon after me. Most passengers are sleeping and therefore do not see us walking to the toilet at the same time. The cabin crew is also nowhere to be seen. I open the toilet door and go inside. I leave the door open so the boy can slip in too.

When he is also inside, he locks the door behind him. As soon as the door is locked he starts kissing me passionately. I feel his soft lips on mine. His tongue soon finds mine. His hands slide over my body just as my hands explore his body. He kisses my earlobe again. That is a very sensitive spot and makes me even more turned on by him if possible. He whispers in my ear for me to go to the toilet. I do as he asks and he bends his head to my lower body. He lifts my skirt and kisses my stockings. Slowly he raises his head further towards my thighs. Soon his tongue is on the most sensitive part of my body.

I love how he touches me there.His tongue is nice and wet and soft. The pressure is also just right. With a few firm licks he brings me to a wonderful climax. Still lingering, I get off the toilet and stand opposite him on the floor. We kiss briefly and then he turns me around. My buttocks touch his crotch. I bow myself slightly forward so that my buttocks go a little further back. He lifts my skirt and feels with his fingers that it is still very wet down there. He opens his zipper and a short while later I feel his delicious cock inside me. The shape of his cock ensures that he hits just the right spots.

I feel the muscles in my vagina contract again. It's great to feel a cock inside you when you've just had a nice cumshot. This ensures that that wonderful feeling lasts for a long time. The contraction of the muscles of my vagina, together with the exciting location, ensures that he cums wonderfully inside me not much later. He turns me around and kisses me again. He lowers my skirt and leaves the toilet after giving me one last kiss. Immediately after him I also leave the toilet and walk back to my seat. We look at each other and smile. When we both sit in our seats he bends over and kisses me on the neck.

He whispers that he really enjoyed it with me and that as far as he is concerned it will be continued regularly next week. As if nothing had happened, we both sit in our seats and fasten our seatbelts. Shortly afterwards my friend wakes up and when I look at my watch I see that we are almost there. We are preparing for the descent. In any case, this is an adventure you will never forget and a very good start to the holiday. I really hope it continues this week...


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