Strange practices 

Submitted by Patient C

For how many years have I fantasized about doctors play and in the meantime how many terribly disappointing video’s have I watched? How many stories have I written with an element of examination worked into them? And aren’t my interest and my arousal from doctors play as old as I can remember? So often, so much and it's always there. I remember so well years ago the moist delight when my lover played this game with me, he hardly noticed how incredibly excited this made me,  but thereafter never repeated it. 

He only took my anal temperature twice, after which I immediately felt much better, but even that went unnoticed. I thought that my increased rate of breath was an ominous sign. And now I’m going to put my fantasy into practice with a complete stranger. It's been hardly fourteen days since my first response to their advert, have bared myself totally by filling in a sub questionnaire and shake ceaselessly from the desire that is within me. Luckily they are impressed with the contents of my list and I’ve been invited for a first consult.

After a lot of flying around, freshly washed and shaved, I still manage to arrive on time for my appointment with Dr Bob. My nerves are totally shot by the time I turn into the road where he lives and see a head dart away from the bathroom window. Seems that my skirt has got caught in the cogwheel of my bike but manage to worm it out, with only a bit of damage. I’ve got the feeling that my face is as red as a beetroot, but I press the doorbell straight away, before my nerves get the better of me and decide that I’ve done this long journey for nothing.

The front door opens more or less straight away. A slimly built man dressed in a white doctors coat looks at me through his light coloured and penetrating eyes. I look down, briefly closing my eyes, hardly daring to look him in the face, but see the corners of his mouth curl up in amusement, however his voice sounds a little chilling and business-like as he introduces himself as Doctor Bob. My answer 'Carla', comes out in a stuttered whisper.

It doesn’t sound anything like my usual strong voice, no more than my look that doesn’t want to lock on to his, doesn’t look like my usual frank and open expression. In an almost bossy manner he asks for my coat, then directs me upstairs. The social talk sticks in my throat and I can feel him hot on my heels, not giving me the chance to turn back, to back out. After two flights I come out into a high brightly lit attic. In the middle the carpet has been replaced by black linoleum and on it stands a real gynaecological examination table with a small stool in front of it. I don't know where to look first.

I see up above a spreader bar hanging with cuffs and an operation lamp and standing near the stairs is a table full of instruments and in two corners are another two tables, also full. I can see breathing apparatus, leg rests on the table, a green sheet on it, various dildos of unbelievable proportions. I feel my clammy hands getting even clammier and my mouth getting dryer. With his: 'Get undressed now, because when you go to a doctor, who is going to examine you, you need to take your clothes off. Unfortunately I don’t have screens so just do it here'. 

I react shocked: 'What, this soon? You meant it when you said that we’ll begin right away'? However, I don’t need too much encouragement, although this is the first time in my life that I’m literally baring myself to a stranger. He enjoys observing my nervousness, whilst I can feel him staring at my slightly quivering fingers. Trembling and with a sigh I unbutton my blouse which he takes from me. The boots go next to my bag and I open my skirt, T-shirt and skirt go the same way as the blouse. 

I nervously show him the damage to my skirt delaying the moment that I have to take off my tights, but he holds his hand out as if its a command, and carries on scrutinizing me whilst I take my bra and undies off. 'Go and stand by the table, facing me, first I’ll do a general examination'. I shudder as soft though strong hands touch me. I can feel it getting even warmer between my legs, the first drops trickle out of my never ending source. Even the stethoscope is a source of excitement. My almost trembling breath is hardly witness to a calm disposition and he’s noticed it.

'What’s the problem'? Why can’t you stand still? Look at me. You’ve always got to be honest with the doctor so tell me what’s going on there?' And again I answer in a husky voice: 'It’s been a while since I’ve been touched like this Doctor'. 'It’s not the idea that you get excited by this. That’s not happening, is it? 'Oh Lord above, of course that’s happening and it's getting worse. It's certainly not getting any less as his hands slide down the sides my body. He turns around and studies my back, backside and legs. Mumbles a few approving words and after a while turns me back round again.

Will he be able to see that my bald cunt is wet and swollen? I have to put my left arm on my head whilst he feels my left breast. The twisting and pushing has far reaching consequences as I feel the throbbing in my crotch. Right off he’s found the connection between tits and cunt and makes it a whole lot worse by making me stand with both hands on my head whilst my tits are given a thorough examination. I have to close my eyes. Even his order not to look is impossible to follow so I get a blindfold, which is always more difficult than closing your own eyes.

When he moves away from me, I can have a quick peep at his back without him noticing, but masking my field of vision does provide me with a pleasant extra in that I now have to surrender to the feeling that is being awakened in me. I feel so much more dependant, which is a feeling between hope and fear, which is from where I get a huge kick. As he kneads my tits I feel the juice splosh out of my cunt. Its a good thing he’s put me on this lino, and for sure he’s seen it, fingers me for the first time and even makes me taste it when he puts his finger in my mouth, which totally and utterly completes the humiliation. 

He’s satisfied with my physical condition, although he repeatedly remarks upon my inappropriate state of horniness, and now wants to know what the state of my sensitivity is. I feel a pinwheel rolled slowly over my body. I start squirting, and then totally when he uses the other side of that thing. I can feel sharp scratches that will for sure leave red stripes on my, oh so sensitive and vulnerable, skin. (And indeed, even three days later, the red scratches on my breasts and bum were still there for all to see. So I’m not going swimming because they’d still be visible under my swimsuit). 

The light burning feeling makes me catch my breath and I have to do my utmost to stand still. I can feel him enjoying my predicament, standing still, because the doctor says that I have to, squirming because my body has to and my body which feels as if it's on fire. He removes the blindfold and asks me to go over to the treatment table. Even having my blood pressure taken isn’t making me feel calm or at ease and the outcome confirms this 150/120. It wasn’t this high even during the births of my children.

The biological evidence of my excitement is now a fact and of course he has comments about this as well. I don’t know where to look, so I look down. An authoritative finger under my chin makes me feel almost bashful, shy, looking into his light blue grey eyes. With a commanding look and voice he orders me to lay down, legs in the supports and because I’d already displayed an inability to stand still. He decides to restrain me now. Straps from the stirrups on my legs, around my lower abdomen, and a tight strap under my ribs.

Now there is no way to hide my wet cunt, and especially with the bright light of the operation lamp shining on it. My ass and cunt muscles are contracting together non-stop and the frightening tension of what he’s going to do to me makes me gasp for breath. Oh, this man is so observant. He grabs the breathing apparatus and places the mask over my mouth and nose: 'Nice deep breaths, in and out, in and out', helps me relax somewhat. Although the top half of my body relaxed and the bottom half only got hotter.

What I’d just had I don’t know but it made me lay relaxed on the table with my head barely moving when he puts a spatula into my nose to examine it from the inside. His 'Nice and clean' echoes in my mind and with practically every breath in. I’m reminded of that cold metal in such virgin territory, that’s so scary. Apart from not being able to protest against it. If I live to be a hundred years, I will never ever forget this. I get through the abdominal examination with flying colours and then it seems to be time for the more serious work.

He opens my vagina wide by putting clamps on the lips and fastens them to my thighs. To my utter surprise he opens a sterile package and takes a tube out. Fear grabs me by my throat, this can’t be! I think I know what it is, a catheter?? Oh, what’s he going to do?? I’m literally shaking now as he reminds me to take some breaths. He cleans my pussy with alcohol, which results in an immense burning sensation and then showing no mercy he slides the catheter in to my smallest hole. I feel it finding its way into my bladder and tremble from fear....... and longing.

Which is utter and complete when I hear him say he’ll open a bottle of sterile saline.' Count how much you can take.' But there’s no other sound apart from my groans and sounds of me begging him to stop coming out of me, so he counts for me. With the third 50ml I’m feeling some pressure but he carries on relentlessly and injects a lot more in to it. I start seeing stars, dizzy from pleasure and despair, with difficulty can just about stop myself from begging for mercy and thank God he stops at 800 ml.

He pushes on my abdomen to make sure I can feel my full bladder and rubs my clitoris. Although I am absolutely sure that I can’t come with a full bladder, I’m getting dangerously close and in the end can’t hold it back. Incredible sensations are going through my bottom half. It's something like what I experienced earlier when I was felled with menstruation pain. I’d finger myself time and time again, a mix of pain and pleasure, but now mixed with shame. That was only made worse when he only half emptied me and told me push the rest out myself.

It doesn’t matter how hard I try, am doing my best and can feel the urge, but I can’t pee in front of his intense glare. Even after he’s released me and helps me sit half way up. ' Okay, then don’t', is his comment and is a good enough argument for him to carry on with the examination. Now I have to get on my knees on the table, head on the table, so with my ass sticking up in the air in a dreadfully provocative way. And what I feared so much, becomes truth. He’s going to examine me rectally and I get an enema. Shame, deep, deep shame.

Fear that I can’t hold it and his remarks about my on-going dripping pussy, so apparently this treatment doesn’t appear to help horniness. After just three times I can’t go on and against all my principles I beg for mercy, which I only half get, because going together with your doctor to the toilet isn’t exactly showing mercy, is it? And regarding peeing, still nothing, and after trying fruitlessly, he at last leaves me alone and then the saline flows out of me. A relief, nearly (?) as good a feeling as coming.

I push the last of it out of me, but with a feeling that we weren’t yet at the end of this session and reluctantly go back upstairs. I’m positioned right away again with my ass in the air and feel a speculum slide in to me. I don’t know what he’s doing, I can feel something deep inside me moving and can’t stop an orgasm, being wide open, I can’t stop it. Using inflatable accessories my holes are stretched to their capacity and I come, and come, and come. I’m sure I can’t keep it dry and this is clear enough to see on the green sheet on the table.

To my horror I can see lumps of undefined material laying there and try to fold it over so it’s a little bit out of sight. What was that? That’s been put in my arse and from which I can’t stop having an anal orgasm? I can’t say if it's thick or thin, only that I feel the contents being pushed out, oh it's awful. A relief when I get to change this humiliating position to move on to my back , and wide open ? No not really. I feel fingers sliding into me, more, and more. He puts an electrode on my pussy and sends an electrical current through it.

My scream, which doesn’t come out as he sends an enormous amount of electricity through me, gets stuck in my throat. Even, or because of the gag in my mouth, my powerful noises couldn’t be stopped (and it was lucky that the neighbours didn’t report a disturbance to the police). Finally, as he managed to squeeze his whole hand inside me and my clit gets worked on with a vibrator on top speed, I come repeatedly, am not able to stop it. I can feel the heat right into the tips of my toes, see flashes of light in my eyes.

He doesn’t stop when I’ve come, just carries on and lets his vibrator go full strength onto my clit. He must be really proficient to be able to have one hand in my cunt fisting me and the other bringing me to an incredible climax by stimulating my love bud. Whilst I was catching my breath his girlfriend comes home. How humiliating to be laying there naked on the table, puffing and panting while she stands there practically dead still looking down at my naked body.


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