I remember Manchester

Submitted by Pip

When driving into Leeds centre. I got stuck in a dead end, related to construction. You called me, I heard your voice and I melted. Whilst driving backwards, you explained me where to meet you and six mins later we saw each other. I stopped the car and you hopped in. Gosh, you looked so beautiful. You had done your hair for me, which was so sweet. Than your makeup. You did it exactly the way I liked it. We hugged each other and kissed. I was so incredibly happy. I also was a bit nervous which you noticed.

I said I needed a wee urgently so my special princess led the way to a nice hotel where the friendly staff showed me the way. When I came back in the car, you said you thought it was a comfortable car, although you commented on the arm rest between us. We then kissed again and looked into each other's eyes. I think I already squeezed your breasts and pussy a bit. Then our magical road trip started. I felt we were like Bonny and Clyde. You were the navigator and guided me the highway; direction Manchester.

After about twentyfive minutes you directed me to a car parking to execute the promised 'special time'. It was in one word amazing! We found a quite spot and started kissing again. I felt your wet pussy and touched your breasts. You opened my trousers and went down on your knees. I just couldn't believe it was actual happening. It was so sweet that you wanted to give me pleasure. I will never forget you did this for me. You can hurt me as much as you want, but I will still love you for this. Halfway I had to lower the windows a bit, cause it was getting hot in the car.

I also tried to touch you, but you indicated that we had enough time so I should just relax and enjoy. Darling, I think it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. I relished every second and I think, due to my abstaining, I produced quite a lot of cum. I think you also gave me back some with a kiss. I think I than offered you some sparkled water. We than continued our approx one hour road trip to Manchester. It was so nice to just being your driver. You were a fantastic navigator. I kept looking at you, but had to focus on the left driving. 

We arrived at the hotel where the receptionist showed us the where to park and warned for the roadblocks related to the footy fans. So finally we parked the car and went to the hotel, which was awesome. We had a very nice room and within minutes all your little things where spread out in the bathroom. Of course you wanted a beer. You suggested to have lunch first, but I think we took a quick shower, after which we made love. I think this was the time when you started to ride me.

Your eyes were closed and you concentrated hard, like you were in another cock-heaven and your slippery cunt was moving back and forth over my balls and cock. I grabbed your tits and you grabbed mine. I think I then suggested that you would sat on my face. It was just fucking amazing, I was truly in pussy heaven. Here my memory is getting blurry, but I guess I made you cum and you sucked me again, but made me squirt my second load in your pussy, because I remember I sucked it out.

Then you drilled your clit whilst I kissed you and sucked your titties and later, I lied on the bed when you were standing over over my face and more cum dripped in my mouth. It was delicious, I was in cum sucking heaven. After another quick shower we went for a lunch in the city. We started to walk quiet a while and I explained you I was always a bit nervous when walking in crowds. You calmed me down by saying: 'They are just people that are happy that their club won. Don't forget they had a difficult time with the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert recently.'

Then I thought: yes, footy milf is right of course and I sympathized with them. So we continued our walk and found a nice restaurant where we both had the salmon and we both had a beer. On the way back we sat on a bench and just kissed. It was very romantic. We looked each other in the eyes and both felt very relaxed and at ease. We also went to another Irish pub where we chatted more and kissed and did our drinking game. You were called a couple of times by your husband so you went out to answer him. I didn't mind the interruptions at all. 

It was probably around 15.00 when we returned to the hotel. Everybody was very nice to us and we got ready to check out the pool. You looked dashing in your 'green-blue with with dots' swimsuit. I had a boxer on, for I had forgotten my swim gear in the heat of the packing moment. We played in the water like little kids and we kissed, canoodled and hugged. We also went briefly to the sauna and Turkish bath. In the sauna, I dipped my fingers in your wet cunt a couple of times and licked them off. We were briefly disturbed by a young lady. Finally we went back to our room.

You looked as beautiful as ever in your white bathrobe and slippers. The swimming had destroyed your carefully prepared hair and I didn't knew you had such nice curls! It was then time for your whip whip and I tied you to the bed and gave you the whipping you craved for. I was quite sure I did it longer and harder than last time. You lied on your back this time with your pussy spread for me. You had the 'gag' in your mouth and I think you also put on the sexy outfit. I started whipping your pussy with my belt. After a while I untied you and I demanded a sucking again.

I started on top, 69 position but later you had me lie down on my back and you started to lick my little hole of pleasure starting at my balls, slowly moving down. I came again in your mouth and you shared my cum with me. It was bitter, but you didn't mind which I also found so sweet of you. I then fisted your pussy until you squirted in my hand. I tasted it and later you drilled your clit again whilst I was sucking and pinching your tits. We took a break and then we decided to take a bath. You demanded a Gin and Tonic with Ice which was promptly delivered. Sitting in the bath I let you relax.

I had the tap in my back, but didn't care for I just wanted to pleasure you. I used the ice cubes on your nipples which was exquisite. It was then that I also started to probe your little hole which you enjoyed a lot; I moved my finger gently in and out, and in and out again. Your eyes turned Japanese and you really enjoyed it. Iif I ever get the chance I will do it again and again. I loved to do it. I also fingered your clit a but later. Finally, we decided it was time for our dinner and you started to prepare yourself. You stood in front of the mirror, the phone rang and you were advising one of your clients.

I think I surprised you by getting on my knees and starting to lick your little behind hole a bit. I was sure you liked it. I was lying on the bed a bit and watched you dress. Just enjoying watching my beautiful mistress. My Lover, Whore, slave, Mistress and above all my friend. We found a cab to take us to the Jazz bar. When we arrived, we didn't particular like it. So we went to the opposite side of the street and had a nice dinner. I liked it a lot. Then, the evening took a slight turn in the way that you were suddenly quiet and I could see you were sad.

You were disappointed and wanted to the hotel). I felt miserable.  I knew I did something wrong. I thought your expectations of the evening were not met and I thought you were also sad thinking of tomorrows departure. I felt terrible. How could I have been so stupid to let my princess down? We went outside. You were cold, I tried to find a cab. You kept telling me that I didn't need to worry, but when we finally found a cab who brought us back, you were suddenly gone. 

When I was back in the hotel, I looked for you in the bar, asked reception and then figured you were already upstairs which is where I found you crying. My god, my heart sank in my shoes and I was wondering how I could have let this happened. My mistress not happy. When we got back in the room, we lied on the bed and I asked what was bugging you. You told me that I hadn't (or barely) touched you in the restaurant. And I thought she is right. This is what happens when people start to take each other for granted. So I felt terrible about it and apologized.

I was a bit 'over tingled' from all the physical sex we already had, but it was no excuse. I was so sorry. I felt so stupid. I also cried. Then you said it was alright and I think you mentioned that maybe you were also a bit over sensitive. When I started to touch your legs, I asked if you didn't want to take off your socks. This was the deepest point of the evening for your explained me that you had put them on especially for me and I hadn't even noticed. You took them off and threw them away. My god. What had I done. I felt so stupid and inattentive and said sorry over and over again.

Finally you accepted my apology and we were good again. I think also that the jazz night we had in London was just difficult to match. Also I was a bit tired and was actually glad we could just be together in our nice and cozy hotel room. Not sure, but you might ordered another beer. Anyway, we made love the whole night, fucking, sucking, licking, kissing, touching, pinching. In the morning, we were both very sad that we had to part ways again but we had a very cosy breakfast in our room. I loved watching you eating your fruit and drinking your coffee


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