Valley of the Kings

The alarm goes off early this morning. My friend was enticed by one of the many vendors to join the Luxor tour. Today we have to gather at the reception at 4.00 am where we will be picked up by a bus. Since the restaurants are not open that early, we ordered a lunch box at the reception. We dress ourselves. At the resort it is already almost forty degrees. It will probably be even warmer in the city. I therefore put on a light summer dress with a nice lace slip and matching bra.
I leave my slippers at home today and exchange them for sneakers.

We are going to visit a number of locations, so we have to walk quite a bit I expect. After brushing our teeth, we leave for the reception. A cheerful man wishes us good morning and takes the lunch boxes we ordered. The content of the box is more than enough for a hearty breakfast. I'm not hungry at this time and decide to take the box with me on the bus. Ten minutes later the tour operator arrives at the hotel. Another couple is waiting at the reception with us.

He asks for our vouchers and asks us to take a seat on the bus. Apparently we are still waiting for the last guests and then we can leave. Five minutes later, the door of the bus opens. Apparently the last guests have arrived and we can finally leave. When the door is fully open, some young men step in. I recognize them immediately. They sit in the back and a boy takes the seat next to me. The boy looks at me and I look back. I immediately recognize the dark hair and bright blue eyes. You can easily drown in those beautiful bright blue eyes. 

While he smiles at me with his bright blue eyes, he gives me a promising wink. Who knows, our previous adventures in the plane and in the swimming pool may get a sequel as promised by him and this will be 'the next'. The door closes and our guide takes a seat in the co-driver's seat. The driver starts driving and the guide takes his microphone and tells us what the program for today looks like. We have to drive for a long time first. Just before we cross the desert there is a stop. Here we can go to the toilet and buy something to eat and drink.

At this stop all buses come together and we will drive through the desert in column under police escort. Apparently this is necessary with all the robbers that are in the desert and if the tourists travel alone in the desert they are easy prey for them. These trips are organized daily, so I assume that this will not cause any problems. When we arrive at the stop after a few hours of driving, I'm glad I can get off the bus to stretch my legs. All passengers disembark. One to pee and the other to smoke or get something to eat or drink. 

I quickly eat the contents of the lunch box and get in line for the toilet. There is a long queue as this is the last opportunity to urinate before we continue our way through the desert. The queue for men is considerably shorter. I wonder what women are doing in such a box. After a while the line is fortunately a lot shorter and it's almost my turn. Five minutes later it's finally my turn and I enter the booth. When I'm done and washed my hands, someone walks into the room. It's the boy with the bright blue eyes. He looks around to make sure no one is there and takes my hand.

He walks to the nearest toilet and enters the cubicle. With him holding my hand, I don't have much choice but to follow him. He quickly locks the door behind me. It's nice to be with him again. Unfortunately, the bus leaves in ten minutes, so we don't have much time together. As always, he passionately kisses me on the mouth. Our tongues quickly become entwined. His hands slide under my dress and find my breasts. He squeezes my nipples knowing that this turns me on. And he's right. I feel immediately moist between my legs. His fingers slide into my panties. He now also senses that I am very excited.

He whispers that we don't have much time, but he's been secretly looking forward to this moment all along and really wants to eat me out here. I love it when he eats me out and I don't argue with him. I climb onto the toilet and lift my dress. He deftly pushes my panties aside and soon I feel his lovely warm moist tongue on my clit. This is a wonderful feeling. As he eats me out, he squeezes my nipples tightly. It doesn't take long before I feel I'm about to cum. I would like to postpone my orgasm for a while, but I realize that it is almost time to leave.

I enjoy all his touches intensely and can no longer restrain myself. I lay my hands on his head, so that he keeps his tongue in the right place. With a soft moan I come violently. He adjusts my panties and pulls down my dress. He grabs my hands and puts me on the ground with both feet. He kisses me. I whisper in his ear that it will soon be his turn to enjoy. He whispers back that he is looking forward to it, but that he also really enjoys eating me out. One by one we leave the room and return to the bus. We are the last passengers to board the bus. We take our seats and the driver starts driving.

We cross the desert in column. We visit the temple of Karnak, Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memno. It's all equally impressive to see. Crazy to imagine what life must have been like here long ago. We end at the impressive Valley of the Kings. The guide tells us about the origin of the Valley and what we can expect inside. He also tells us the story of the curse of the tomb. When he has finished his story, we still have enough time to look in the tomb. The well-known graves have all been robbed empty or moved to the museum.

Despite that, it is still impressive to see how people managed to make the graves long ago. We walk around and take it all in. My friend indicates that he needs some fresh air and some daylight. He goes upstairs and will wait for me there. I want to stay down a little longer to take a good look at everything. I am left alone. Everyone else has apparently seen enough and is waiting upstairs until it's time to go back to the hotel. I'm watching attentively at one of the tombs when I hear someone approaching. I pay no further attention to it. Suddenly I feel two hands around my waist.

I startle and turn around. Even though it's pitch dark down here, I recognize him right away. He whispers in my ear that he knew I was the only one still downstairs and decided to take a look too. He kisses me passionately and immediately I'm 'on'. I realize we don't have much time together with and sink to my knees. Crouching in front of him, I open his pants and notice that he doesn't have any boxers underneath. I wet my mouth and start sucking him. Soon he is rock solid. He grabs my hands and guides me up. Again he kisses me on the mouth.

The idea that there are a lot of people upstairs makes it extra exciting. Suddenly I hear footsteps in the hallway. He pulls up his pants and stands next to me. Fascinated we look at the scene in front of us. The footsteps get closer. When I hear the footsteps in space with us, I turn myself and see that it is guide. He says the bus leaves in five minutes. I tell him it's no problem. 'We'll have a look around and then we'll come to the bus.' He leaves and when the guide is out of sight, the boy kisses me and turns me around. When I stand with my back to him, I feel his hands grip my breasts tightly.

I love it when he does that and he knows it. He lifts up my dress, pushes my panties aside and feels whether I am sufficiently moist. The latter is no problem. The attraction between us is so extreme that I am always turned on in no time when he is around me. He pulls down his pants slightly and inserts his hard cock into me. I put my feet a little further apart, so that he can thrust easily and nice and deep into me. I know he finds this position extremely hot and can never keep it up for long as he can put his hands on my full breasts and hold them tight as he thrusts his cock into me forcefully. 

He whispers in my ear that he thinks I'm beautiful. He tells me I smell good and taste good. This excites me even more. Like me, he is super excited. Of course, the sun also helps with this. This time too, he quickly reaches his peak. We clean ourselves up and quickly head back to the bus, but not before he gives me a big hug and a sweet goodbye kiss. As always, he says goodbye with the words: 'Until the next one'. I sleep in the bus almost the entire way back. When we arrive at the hotel, the guide opens the door of the bus. 

The boy next to me gets out and gives me his hand to help me get out. We walk towards our room. As I pass the boy I whisper in his ear that I can't wait for 'the next one...'


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