The woman next door 

Submitted by Dennis

From the moment I came to live here, I already had a click with the neighbor across the street. She is a beautiful lady who is always well dressed. When we met on the street or at parties, there was a special click. An indescribable feeling that someone can give you sometimes. It's a matter of feeling. Even though we didn't see each other every day, the looks we gave each other were very intense. We also had the same hobby. I decided to inquire with her husband and discuss everything with him. This would come as a surprise to her. 

He gave his approval for this. 'If only you would keep your hands to yourself,' he said with a wink. 'You know how I am. I also have everything neatly organized at home, so don't worry.' At home I had also announced that I had a surprise for the neighbor. The neighbor across the street had also visited us a few times to arrange everything. Everything was settled at home now. I had told them that I wanted to surprise the neighbor with this. We had to wait a while before the time came, so I had invited the neighbors across the street a number of times in the meantime. 

Everything was ready and arranged. I texted the neighbor if she wanted to come with me to pick something up together. It took her a while to answer. She probably needed to talk to her husband. I got an app that it was good. 'What time do you want to go?' she asked. I texted the neighbor if he could put some stuff in the car. He did. I's 6:30 pm okay?' I texted back. 'I'll blow the horn when the time comes.' I got in the car, pulled out of the driveway and honked the horn. The front door opened, in the doorway she kissed her husband and walked towards me. Wow! I took a good look at her from head to toe.

She was wearing high boots, tights with a nice net skirt on top and a vest with a blouse underneath. Ulala! She looked spic and span. To secretly enjoy, such a feeling went through me. Once in the car she gave me three kisses. Hmm, how delicious she smelled. Her scent did something to my testosterone, but I had to restrain myself. So we drove down the street. We talked about anything and everything. She asked what exactly I had to pick up. In the meantime we had been in the car for a while and she had already had a few apps. She laughed, but I didn't understand.

The messages her husband sent kept her busy: 'Have a nice trip, dear.' She asked me what that had to do with. I told her I didn't have to pick anything up, but wanted to take her somewhere, because both she and I had a busy time and we had the same hobby. You could hear her thinking: 'Should we go diving then?' 'It's almost dark already, so that's not possible. But what is it then?' We drove and drove and the Schiphol sign came into view more and more often. 'Are we going to fly then?' she asked. I kept my mouth shut, but secretly smiled. She became nervous and asked more and more questions.

She became more and more cheerful and also a bit handsy because of her enthusiasm. When I drove into the Schiphol parking garage, I still kept my mouth shut. She became more and more cheerful, open and touchy. 'I don't have anything with me honey,' she said. I parked the car and got out. I opened the trunk and took out our bags. The moment I closed the trunk, she looked at me intensely happy. This was the look we had often shared after a few glasses of wine,  but now we were completely sober. She came up to me and said, 'What is this? You even have my suitcase.'

She pushed me back against a pillar. She grabbed me full on my mouth and started kissing me violently. I saw a leg come off the ground, just like in the movie. I pushed her off me. 'Honey,' I said, 'we have to hurry or we won't make it.' After checking in quickly and on her way to the gate, she was still very excited. She secretly became more and more playful. In the time until we had to board, she told me things hadn't been going well at home for a while. She really needed to do nothing at all. She gave me another deep kiss and said she never expected this.

Once we arrived at the gate, we quickly boarded the plane. It was a long flight and many seats were still empty. After the standard talk from the pilot, blankets were handed out as we had a night flight. So off we went. We had a nice screen in the headrests in front of us, on which we could watch movies. She was still quite hyper, where the people around us tried to sleep. She asked, 'Where are we going?' I took her super soft hand, grabbed her index finger and put it in her mouth for her. 'Find a movie,' I said. She did. The lights in the plane were dimmed. 

She had selected '356 days'. I did not know this film, but soon noticed that it was a romantic/erotic film. We sat in the back rows where no one else sat It was a bit cold on the plane. She threw the blanket over us. The armrest between our seats went up and she moved closer and closer to me. Which I certainly didn't mind. When we were in the movie, I put my hand on her knee, on those lovely tights. She looked at me and secretly gave me a wink. Hmm, I thought to myself. Finally no one notices. Little by little my hand moved up her thigh towards her crotch.

Once there, she looked at me with that sultry look. At the same time she spread her beautiful legs slightly and secretly gave me space to continue. I did too. It was warm, almost hot. The movie got an even more romantic scene. The seats next to us were completely empty. Everyone was trying to sleep except us. My hand was still between her legs. She put one leg on the chair and gave me all the space to caress her pussy. She looked at me again. I didn't know this look yet, but I could feel how my cock had already grown a bit. I got really hard. So horny. I decided to give her a delicious tongue.

We got entangled in a huge passionate kiss. My hand, which had been given all the space, began to caress her. I felt over her tights and the edge of her panties. How hot it was there! Her hand was now caressing my jeans with an erection underneath. She had made it so hard. I had never done that before. She had made me so horny all along, but this was unprecedented. How horny we were! I could now feel it well through her tights and panties. I felt my fingertip slide over her tights and panties. Her panties got wet.

My hand crept up a little, pushed under her tights along the edge of her panties and pushed them aside. My fingertip slid along the horny lips of her luscious pussy, from top to bottom. I stroked them and felt her breathing getting heavier and shorter. When stimulating certain parts, she gave a soft moan. Did I feel good now? Something hard and if I stimulated that extra, she went wild. Her hand had unfastened my pants and she already had my erection in her hand. It can go that fast. How horny we were. I felt she had a clit piercing.

Secretly she is naughtier than she ever let on. I stimulated her and every now and then I slid my finger deeper and deeper into her. She wanted more and I wanted more too. I whispered in her ear that she made me so horny and asked her to go to the toilet with me. She threw off the blanket and stood up. So off we went. The lid of the jar slammed shut. She sat down and pulled down my pants and boxers. My erection jumped out proudly. She put it in her mouth and started giving me a nice blowjob. This was so out of my league. So wrong, but so delicious. Before I knew it, I felt like I couldn't take it anymore.

Fortunately, I was still able to contain myself. She pushed her pretty face away from me with her luscious wet lips. I was about to cum on her face. 'So, you can suck. Fortunately I was able to turn the tide.' I pulled her up. Her skirt caught halfway up her beautiful, round buttocks with her panties halfway over her buttocks. I managed to turn her around and pulled down her tights in one smooth motion. I grabbed her hips and pressed my cock against her pussy. Since it was so moist, my cock slid smoothly inside her. I started thrusting deep into her. My hands slid over her body.

With wonderfully short and then long, deep thrusts I was finally fucking the neighbor across the street. I had fantasized about that all along. My hands searched and found her breasts. Then they went back to her pussy with her clit piercing. This gave us an insane feeling. The mirror in the toilet was even steamed up. We were so horny. However, this was not finished yet. She wanted me to thrust deeper and harder into her. I did my best and I wanted more and more, to feel and undress her. Until the moment the pilot informed us that he was going to start the landing slowly.

Sorry everyone woke up. Everyone suddenly had to pee, while we were busy there. I slid out of her wet pussy. She turned around and gave me a lovely french kiss. She whispered in my ear that she was far from done with me. We cleaned ourselves up and quietly went back to our seats without anyone noticing. Once we were seated, the light in the plane came on as well as the seatbelt sign above our heads. She said to me with a wink, 'I didn't even get to watch the movie.' Once landed, we headed to our hotel. When we got to the room, we got into bed and fell asleep.

She was awakened by the sun shining through the curtain and stinging her eyes. She opened the curtain and saw something she had never seen before. 'Wow! The Maldives.' She turned turned around, dove on me and ripped off the covers.


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