Hot summer day I

On a hot summer day, I decided to have a drink at a hotel near my office before heading home after a busy workday. I sat at the bar and ordered something to drink. The bar was empty except for me. Enjoying my cool drink, I looked around and saw that most of the tables were occupied. Many people were enjoying their drinks and having relaxed conversations, like me. As I looked further, my gaze fell on a table with four men in suits. They were clearly still in a work meeting. I studied each of the men one by one.

My attention was immediately drawn to one man in particular. He caught my eye. He had beautiful, mischievous eyes and a beautiful smile. He was a very attractive man. A welcome distraction on this hot summer day. Our eyes met and he looked at me for just a bit too long. He smiled and I smiled back. I felt a little flutter in my stomach. I broke free from his gaze and took one last sip of my drink. I looked at my watch and saw that it was time to head home. Before I left, I quickly went to the restroom.

That way I wouldn't have to stop on the way and could drive straight home. I walked towards the restroom and felt someone walking closely behind me. I turned around and just before I opened the door, I saw that it was that one attractive man in the suit. He looked at me with his bright blue eyes and we smiled at each other again. We each went our separate ways. I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked okay. I ran my fingers through my hair and styled my curls. I found my lip gloss in my purse and refreshed my lips. All ready to go home.

I opened the door and stepped into the hallway. As I closed the door, I felt a warm, soft hand on mine. I turned around and again looked into those beautiful eyes. He moved his head closer and I felt his mouth near my left ear. He whispered in my ear and asked if I wanted to have another drink with him at the bar later. He also could use a refreshing drink after this long, hot summer day. Since I had no plans tonight, I decided to stay a little longer. A drink couldn't hurt. I gave him a small nod in agreement.

He walked back to his table and sat down as if nothing had happened. I ordered my second drink. Just before I took the last sip, I felt someone standing behind me. A man stood with his body against mine and touched my arm. I felt his breath in my neck and he whispered in my ear if I wanted to come with him. My heart rate increased. I normally didn't do this, but something in me said it was okay and I got off my stool. He took my hand and led me to the elevator. It took a while for it to come.

More people come to stand with us who want to take the elevator. As the doors open, we step into the elevator with four of us. He presses the button for the twelfth floor. No one says anything. He lets go of my hand and I feel how his hand slides over my shoulder, over my back to my buttocks. He firmly grasps my buttocks and meanwhile smiles at the other couple in the elevator. They have no idea what is going on between us and that we have never met before. This already feels wonderful. His gaze reveals nothing. On the fourth floor, the couple gets out.

Now there is no one in the elevator except the two of us. He looks at me with a mischievous look and pushes me with my back against the back wall of the elevator. The back wall feels wonderful cold on my back. His eyes twinkle and he starts to kiss me passionately. Wow! I feel the passion with which he kisses me in every fiber of my body. The bell of the elevator sounds and the elevator stops. He takes my hand and we both step out of the elevator. He takes my hand and I go with him. We walk a little way down the hallway and greet the people we meet.

Suddenly, he stops. He looks at me questioningly and I nod. He opens the door of the room and we go inside. We step into a beautiful spacious room. In the middle of the room stands a king-size bed. Next to the bed is a shower with a transparent wall around it. He leads me to the window and wraps his arms around me. The view is fantastic. You can look very far away over the city. The people passing by have no idea what is happening inside. One by one he puts my hands on the cold window. 

His hands release mine and they slowly move down towards my shoulders. I close my eyes. This feels wonderful. Meanwhile, he kisses my earlobe and I feel his mouth move from my earlobe to my neck. His mouth kisses my neck gently. He is certainly in no hurry and takes his time to kiss every part of my body. I completely surrender to him. His hands slowly remove my jacket. I feel his hands sliding over my bare arms and goosebumps appear all over my body. He turns me around and his hands slide down from my shoulders towards my breasts. With his hands, he encircles both of my breasts.

I feel my nipples harden as he circles them with his fingers and gently teases them. His hands continue their way to my hips. With his hands on my hips and his body firmly against me, we move to the rhythm of the music. I feel him slowly getting harder. He presses his body even more firmly against me. He turns me around and kisses me passionately on my mouth. He kisses me wonderfully. He is driving me crazy and I am getting hotter and hotter. I help him out of his jacket. Carefully, I undo one button at a time of his shirt. What I see pleases me. He has a delicious muscular and tanned body.

Now it's my turn to kiss him everywhere. My mouth moves from his mouth to his neck. I smell his delicious perfume and kiss his neck. Through his chest I go a little lower. I hear him softly moan. This encourages me to continue. I take his nipples one by one in my mouth. My tongue circles and his nipples become stiff. I gently bite them. My mouth and tongue explore the rest of his delicious torso. He gently takes hold of me and brings my head close to his. His tongue circles around mine. He kisses me like I've never been kissed before. His hands rest on my buttocks.

He moves his hand up my legs towards the hem of my dress. Carefully, he pushes my dress further up. I see a smile appear on his face as he feels the edge of my stockings. His breathing becomes faster and heavier. His hands move from my buttocks to my waist. Smoothly, my dress slides off my head. He approves as he looks me up and down. What he sees pleases him. I pull him close to me and feel his hard dick press into my belly. Time for him to get rid of some clothes too. My hands glide over his body. He visibly enjoys each touch.

My hands find the edge of his pants. Playfully, my hands move over the edge of his pants towards the inside of his thighs. Through his balls, my hands return to the edge of his pants. I carefully slip my hand into his pants. I hear him moan. With my other hand, I open the button on his pants and my hand slides inside. He is now rock hard. As I place my hand on his rock-hard dick, he looks at me with pleading eyes and begs me to continue. My hand continues its journey and slowly I undo each button of his pants. His pants slowly drop to the ground. I follow his pants and kneel down in front of him.

I remove his shoes and socks and stand up. He is almost naked in front of me. I turn him around and gently press him against the window. One by one, I press his hands against the window as he did to me earlier. It's his turn to feel my hands glide over his entire body. My hands glide from his hands over his broad shoulders and gradually move down. I kneel in front of him and start from his upper thighs, moving slowly and gradually upward. First with my hands and then with my mouth and tongue. He starts to breathe heavily. I stroke the inside of his upper thighs.

Teasingly, I keep avoiding that one sensitive spot. I continue my way upward. Our tongues find each other again. While we kiss passionately, my hands glide over his stomach to the edge of his underwear. My hand slips into his underwear. I firmly encircle his rock-hard penis with my hand and move it slowly back and forth. Of course, I also include his balls and move my fingers towards his anus. His breathing quickens and I hear him breathing deeply in and out in my ear. I feel his hands glide over my back towards the closure of my bra. Skillfully, he opens my bra with one hand.

The bra slides off my shoulders onto the floor. I see a smile from ear to ear as he sees my breasts. 'What a divine breasts,' he whispers in my ear. He embraces my breasts with both hands. He brings my hands behind my head and whispers in my ear that I should keep them there. Then he takes his tie and loosely ties it around my head so I can't see anything. Every touch now feels extra intense. His hands touch me all over my body. I feel his hands on my breasts. Later, I feel him take my nipple into his mouth and circle it with his tongue.

I can't suppress a soft moan. This encourages him to continue his way down. Carefully, his hand glides over my lace underwear. He feels that my underwear is damp and smiles. I feel his fingers slip under the edge. Through the bottom, his fingers slide into my underwear. His fingers touch the inside of my thighs and gently stroke the area around my labia. It feels wonderful and I crave more. He feels how excited I am. I feel his tongue find mine again. Kissing becomes more intense. Later, I feel my underwear slide over my thighs. He leaves the garters on.

His head slowly disappears between my legs. Damn, he drives me crazy with his tongue! Skilled, his tongue strokes the most sensitive part of my body. First the inside of my thighs and then towards my labia. He kisses every part of my vagina and the entire area around it. No spot goes untouched. This feels really wonderful! Carefully, a finger moves in with me. Slowly, a second finger also finds its way inside. I feel his fingers move against my G-spot. The fluid runs along his fingers out of my vagina. I feel the fluid drip down my legs onto the floor. I writhe in pleasure.

He continues for a while and not much later I come violently and shaking with his tongue on my clit. He stands up and kisses me. I feel his hands undo the tie. It's his turn to enjoy. I stand close to him and let my breasts glide over his lightly sweaty body. I feel his hard dick press against my lower body. I free his dick from his underwear and put it between my breasts. Slowly, I move my breasts back and forth. He loves it, I can tell. With my hand, I massage his balls at the same time. Playfully, I touch the sensitive area behind his balls towards his anus. This is also greatly appreciated.

Carefully, I make a finger wet and it slowly slides into his anus. I am massaging his prostate and simultaneously taking his penis in my warm, wet mouth. I feel his pre-ejaculate in my mouth. Just before he comes, I stop and stand up. He looks deeply into my eyes and starts kissing me intensely. This kiss is more intense than all previous kisses. I feel how much his penis wants to be inside of me. I turn my hips and his penis finds its way inside of me. He feels how wet and warm it is inside of me. He thrusts his penis inside of me. First gently, then faster and deeper. I encourage him to continue.

While he thrusts inside of me, I massage his balls. Then he stops and turns me around. He sets my hands against the cold window. I see the traffic slowly moving below us. It's very exciting to have sex in front of the window. This is a fantasy of mine that is becoming reality. He stands close to me and thrusts his penis inside of me again. His hands grip my breasts. His grip becomes tighter and his breathing heavier. I completely surrender to him. A few more final thrusts and he climaxes inside of me intensely.

He holds me tightly and kisses me again intensely. While kissing, he takes my hand and leads me to the shower. On to round two...


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