Land of the Pharaoh

When we have landed, we are taken to the arrivals hall by bus. Once there, we buy the necessary visas and stand in line for customs. After customs we collect the suitcases and go to the bus that will take us to the hotel. When we are on the bus, I do indeed see the group of friends coming. So it is true that they go to the same hotel as us. When we arrived at the hotel, we checked in and went to our room. We undress ourselves and plop down on the bed. We are so tired that we fall asleep in no time. 

The heat woke us up early the next day. We decide to get dressed and have breakfast. When we go out the door, I hear the door of the room next to us open. I turn to see who's in the room next to us. The door opens and I immediately recognize the bright blue eyes. The boy who sat next to me on the plane yesterday is now in the room next to us. The bright blue eyes immediately remind me of the wonderful adventure we had together on the plane yesterday on our way here. Thoughts of our adventure make me blush. 

He sees that and smiles. We greet the boy next door and have breakfast. During breakfast my mind keeps wandering to the boy with the bright blue eyes. I can't get him out of my mind and feel again how wonderful it felt when he kissed me tenderly. After breakfast we walk back to our room and put on our bathing suits. At the pool it is still nice and quiet given the time. We put our towels on the sunbeds near the pool and enjoy the sun. Apparently I was still very tired since I had fallen asleep. 

When I open my eyes, I see that the boy with the bright blue eyes has come to lie next to us. Our eyes meet as I reach for the sunscreen from my bag. I turn to my friend to ask him to rub my back. I see that his crib is empty and look around to see if I see him anywhere, but he is nowhere to be seen. When I turn around again I see that the boy is standing next to my bed. He asks me if he can help me sometimes. I ask him to rub my back and shoulders. He eagerly takes the sunscreen from me and asks me to lie down on my stomach. He opens the sunscreen and puts the cap on the edge of my bed.

He sprays the sunscreen on my back and starts to smear the sunscreen. The cold sunburn feels wonderfully cool on my warm skin. Despite the early hour, the sun is already quite bright. His hands feel wonderfully soft on my skin. He starts rubbing my shoulders. When he's done with that, he asks if I want to loosen my bikini so he doesn't smear my bikini with sunscreen. I open the clasp of my bikini and his hands continue their way over my back towards my buttocks. When I reach my bikini bottom, he pushes it further down so that the edge of my buttocks is visible.

With long strokes he smears my entire back and does not miss a spot. To make sure I don't burn, he also smears the side of my upper body. With two hands he slides down the side of my body. Subtly he touches the side of my breasts. He can keep going for me. He notices how my body relaxes under his touch and grabs another sunscreen. This time I don't feel his hands on my back, but I feel how he places his hands on my thighs. He also lubricates my legs with the same attention and precision as my upper body. I'll let him go.

When my lower legs are sufficiently rubbed, he moves his hands to my upper legs. Every inch of my legs is thoroughly rubbed. I feel his hands move a little further and further towards the inside of my thighs. With every touch I hope he goes just a little higher and touches my most sensitive spot. I notice that he keeps going one step further and forgets about the people around us. Not much later I feel his fingers slip subtly under my pants. I spread my legs a little wider, so that he can reach them even better. His fingers follow their path. I find myself getting super excited about this.

He must also feel how moist I have become from his touch. While he continues to smear my body with one hand, his other hand remains in my shorts. His index and middle fingers rhythmically massage my clit, while he calmly looks around and pretends nothing is wrong. The sun on my skin and his wonderful touch make me so relaxed that an orgasm is not long in coming. When he feels my body squirming under him, he takes his hand out of my shorts. He bends over and whispers in my ear to come to the hot tub at 3:00 this afternoon.

When he is back at his bed I see in the corner of my eye that my friend is coming. The rest of the morning and afternoon I enjoy the sun and the cocktails. The boy enjoys the sun with his friends and has a great time with a ball in the water. While they are having fun at the ball I amuse myself by watching the boys and their divine bodies. When I look at my phone, I see that it is already a quarter to three. I feel a tickle in my stomach. How am I going to explain to my friend that I need to go away alone? Just before 3 p.m. he gives the answer himself. He fell asleep on his bed.

This gives me the opportunity to go away alone for a while. I get up from my bed and head for the hot tub. The hot tub is empty. I take a seat in the bubble bath and close my eyes. While enjoying the sun, I suddenly feel a hand on my thigh. When I open my eyes and look next to me, I see those bright blue eyes again. I smile and he smiles back. Now it's his turn to enjoy. With my right hand I grab his balls tightly and massage them. He visibly enjoys it and spreads his legs so that I can reach it better.
I slide my hand under his swimming trunks and feel his delicious cock harden in my hands. We sit like that for a while. It's getting busier in the hot tub. I get up and ask him to come with me. He does what I ask of him and walks with me. We go to the main pool. This swimming pool runs in a ring around the aqua park. A little further up here is a quiet place I know. We swim a bit and chat a bit. A little further on we arrive at the cave. Here we are out of sight of the other bathers. He wants to swim on, but I grab his hand and pull him towards me. I wrap my legs around his waist and start kissing him.

He is an excellent kisser. I can kiss him for hours, but that's too risky. I feel that kissing does not leave him unmoved either. With one hand I slide into his swimming trunks. While we kiss I give his cock a massage with his hand. When his cock has hardened, I look around to make sure no other bathers are around. I see that's not the case and pull his swimming trunks down a little. This makes his cock stick out just above the edge of his swimming trunks. I take a big breath of air and disappear under water. I take his cock in my mouth and slide my mouth back and forth on his cock, sucking hard.

With my other hand I massage his trunk. When I run out of air, I surface, take another deep breath and pick up where I left off. I repeat this a few times. When I come up again, I see that he is enjoying it immensely. He grabs my hands and pulls me up. When I get back on my feet, he passionately kisses me on the mouth. In my ear he whispers that he wants to feel me for his cock. I turn a quarter turn and with my back to the wall I wrap my legs around him. With his hand he slides my bikini bottoms aside and slides his rock hard cock inside me.

Since he's so turned on and can thrust deep into me in this position, it doesn't take long for him to cum inside me. As he kisses me, I hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier. After one last firm thrust, he cums inside me. He gives me one last kiss and just after we put on our swimsuits a family swims into the cave. We look at each other and smile. They shouldn't have come sooner. With a fiery French kiss we say goodbye to each other and promise each other that we want to enjoy each other much more often this holiday: 'On to the next one.' Arrived at my bed, I lie down and just as I'm lying down, my friend opens his eyes. I tell him that I took a nice dip in the pool and fall asleep immediately afterwards.


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