Weekend trip

Submitted by De Brabander

For years I have been, forty-three years old, together with my wife, Mirjam of forty-six. She is my first true love. Our sex life is good, but as a man I want more. That is why we regularly discuss this. For example, I think it would be wonderful to see her being pampered by another man. Mirjam always says: 'You are more than enough for me. I can't even fulfill all your wishes.' Still, I think she has that need, but doesn't dare to express it properly. At least she knows I wouldn't have a problem with that.

In 2019 we won a wonderful weekend away to a hotel by the sea in Ostend through a lottery. On Friday we left together towards the sea. It was lovely weather. From the beautiful West Brabant we walked into the hotel after a good two hours' drive. After we checked in, we decided to go to the beach. We changed and packed our bathing things. Relax in front of the hotel under a parasol on a sun lounger. A Dutch man was lying on the lounger next to us: Frans, aged forty-nine. He too had won a prize in the same lottery. 

He told me he was single and that's why he spent this weekend alone here. There was a good click and we chatted nicely. Frans told that he is single. Mirjam asked cheekily, I think it was because of the white wine, 'Don't you ever need a wife then?' Frans started laughing and said: 'Who says I don't have sex?' When Mirjam had gone to the toilet, Frans said: 'You have a beautiful wife. You're lucky.' I confirmed that. When we go to bed that night, I notice that Mirjam is very willing.
She fondles me wonderfully, licks my nipples, gets on her knees next to me and starts sucking me.

If Mirjam has let my cock slide in and out of her mouth about ten times, that's enough for me. I turn her on her back and start stroking and licking her breasts. 'Mmmmm,' I hear her say. My hand wanders towards her pussy. Gently I massage her pussy with my finger. In no time I feel her moisture between my finger and her pussy. When I eat her then, I feel Mirjam cum very quickly on my tongue. When she's back on earth, she'll grab my cock. 'Mmmm', she says and start massaging it with her hand. Mirjam says: 'You would like me to be spoiled by a strange cock and you can watch?'

Those words are a bit too much for me and my man porridge shoots out of my cock. The next morning at the breakfast buffet, Frans asks if he can join us at the table. 'Of course, no problem.' When it comes up that Frans is also a fanatical runner, I tell Mirjam that Frank might want to run with her in a moment. I explain to Frank that I am recovering from knee surgery and therefore not running at the moment. When Mirjam and Frans have left an hour after breakfast, I sit naked on the balcony and enjoy the sun. Frans and Mirjam will be gone for a long time, I think.

They've been gone for two hours now. I must have fallen asleep, because suddenly I wake up with a start. Mirjam is naked and freshly showered next to me. 'Nice man, that Frans,' says Mirjam. We made a stop in the dunes and when we were there, we spotted a couple making love. I notice that Mirjam is hiding something from me. 'What is?' I ask Miriam. 'Well,' Mirjam stutters, 'then Frans and I also made love a bit, but we didn't go further than caressing and kissing.' 'That doesn't matter anyway. You know how I feel about it.' I notice that my cock has become wonderfully hard.

Mirjam has noticed that too and she starts giving me a blowjob. Just before I come, Mirjam takes my cock out of her mouth and my man porridge lands on my chest. The day passes peacefully. We are sitting comfortably on the beach with the three of us. The right click is there. In the evening Mirjam and I go into Ostend to have a bite to eat. When we are back at the hotel we run into Frans. I invite Frans to join us for a drink in the hotel room. We'll meet in an hour. When Mirjam and I are in the hotel room, we both put on something easy.

I wear boxer shorts and a t-shirt and Mirjam wears a dress that fits tightly around her body. She has a nice view to halfway up her thigh. When there is a knock on the door, Mirjam stands up and walks towards the door. Do I see that right now? Is she not wearing a bra? I'm not used to that from her. I see that Frans gives Mirjam three kisses. Two on the cheek and one on the mouth. When Mirjam comes back into the room, I see her nipples poking through her summer dress. I also don't see any print of a slip or thong. I wonder if she's wearing anything underneath.

This turns me on and a bulge forms in my boxers. I pour something to drink and walk past Mirjam. I give her a short but intimate French kiss. When I stop, I look at Frans and give him a and wink. I sit down again and ask Frans how he gets his money's worth. Frans says he has a girlfriend who is married, but she is missing something in her relationship that he can give her. He meets her every now and then and then they go wild. It's purely for pleasure. Every now and then I see Mirjam and Frans flirting with each other. Around eleven o'clock Mirjam says she is tired and is going to take a shower.

When she stands up, she gives Frans a kiss. Then she walks over to me and gives me a French kiss. I feel my hand between her legs. 'Mmmm', I whisper to Mirjam. 'Are you coming too?' Miriam whispers in my ear. When Mirjam is in the shower, I tell Frans that it is my fantasy to see Mirjam being spoiled by another man. I ask him if he would like to do that for me. I agree with Frans that he has to wait very quietly, that I blindfold Mirjam and lay it out for him. When Mirjam enters the bedroom naked, I grab her and we start kissing passionately. I tell her to trust me. I put on a scarf as a blindfold.

Gently I caress and kiss her neck. She squirms. Then I see that Frans has come to stand quietly in the doorway. I ask Mirjam to sit on the edge of the bed. Then I take off my boxers and t-shirt. I move my nipple towards her mouth and push it against her lips. Mirjam starts kissing my nipple wonderfully. In the meantime, Frans has also stripped himself of his clothes and has come to stand near us. I give Mirjam a deep kiss and tell her to keep her hands next to her body. 'You can only use your mouth.' Then I step aside. Frans takes my place and I see that he immediately grabs Mirjam's breasts.

He starts massaging them firmly. She doesn't like it when I do that. Then Frans grabs Mirjam by the neck and pushes his hard cock against her lips. Greedily, Mirjam opens her mouth. I see Mirjam startled for a moment and she wants to take off her blindfold. I tell her to trust me. Mirjam puts her hand back on the edge of the bed and lets Frans fuck herself in her mouth. Frans pushes Mirjam's legs apart with his leg. How horny I find this. My wife sitting there naked and straddling on the edge of the bed with a strange cock in her mouth.

Frans now gets on his knees between Mirjam's legs and starts to lick her. She clearly enjoys. She falls back onto the bed and her breathing changes. I decide that the blindfold can be taken off now and remove it from her head. 'I knew it wasn't you Paul, but this is what you want.' She looks at me. Then Mirjam says something I'm not used to. She lays down on her stomach on the edge of the bed and says, 'Fuck me, Frans. Fuck me.' I'm not used to this at all from her. Frans puts his cock against her pussy and pushes it smoothly inside her. 'Fuck me,' Miriam begs. 

This has not fallen on deaf ears. I see how Frans grabs Mirjam by the hair and starts pounding on her. Wow, I think again. I don't know her like that. She is usually quiet and somewhat reserved. My cock is rock hard and some pre-cum is oozing out. Mmm, this is so hot to see. Then Frans pulls his cock out of Mirjam and sternly says to her: 'Lie on your back.' Mirjam willingly lays on her back and Frans immediately starts fucking her again. I see how Frans squeezes one of her breasts. Mirjam's breathing changes. I know this is the time when she's going to cum. 

I can't make her come while fucking. Only while eating out. Frans continues to fuck her hard. It seems as if Mirjam is in some kind of trance and keeps coming. I don't know her like that at all. Then Frans stops and withdraws his cock from Mirjam. He gets on his knees next to her and directs his cock towards her mouth. When Mirjam Frans is giving a blowjob, Frans says to me; 'Fuck your slut.' A word Mirjam doesn't want me to use. I take place between her legs and when I push my cock into Mirjam, I feel a shock go through her body. 

'Fuck me, Paul. Fuck me,' she encourages me. I don't really know her, but I like it. Then I hear that Frans is not going to keep it any longer. He sprays his man porridge in Mirjam's mouth. Mmm, how horny. At that moment I can't take it anymore and spray my man porridge in her pussy. Great to see that Mirjam enjoyed it so much. We have a drink and then Frans goes to his own room. After a hot shower, Mirjam and I go to sleep.


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