Hot summer day II

It's a hot summer day. The sun is high in the sky and burns on my skin. It's exactly what I imagined myself from a week's vacation. The coming week will be nothing but relaxing by the pool, eating and sleeping. I deserved that after a period of hard work. I found a spot on the edge of the pool. A friendly waiter asks me what I want to drink. I order a nice cocktail and install myself on the lounger. In my suitcase I put a few books from my bookcase. I took one of those books to the swimming pool. I take the book out of my bag, open it and start reading. In the pool in front of me it is quite busy.

I watch the other hotel guests carefully. There are many couples with children enjoying themselves in the pool. I put my book away and get up from my bed to take a dip in the cooling water myself. Gently slide me into the pool. My body immediately cools down. I swim a few laps and watch the other guests float around the pool on their air mattresses.
The lifeguard blows his whistle and points to some boys diving into the pool. He says in his best English that they are not allowed to dive here and points to the sign next to the entrance to the pool. Only now does my eye catch the lifeguard.

I look at him intently from head to toe. His skin is tanned and he is quite muscular. I swim a few laps and leave the water via the stairs. I squeeze my hair until the water no longer drips from my hair. I put on my sunglasses and lay down on my towel. I grab my book and continue reading. After a few minutes I notice that I have already dried up from the sun and feel the sun burning on my skin again. I take the sunscreen out of my bag and start applying myself. I start with my arms, legs and my face. Then I put the sunscreen on my stomach and shoulders.

It will be a challenge to rub my back, but I will have to accept that challenge if I don't want to end up with a bright red back. I smear some sunscreen on my hand and try to rub it on my back as best I can. Behind me I hear a voice that kindly asks in English if I can use some help. I turn myself around and see the same lifeguard as he was blowing his whistle firmly at those boys. It looks even better up close. I decide to take his help and give him the bottle of sunscreen. His hands slide over my back and shoulders and that feels pretty good. He has very soft hands and he expertly lubricates my back.

He also carefully lubricates the area under my bikini straps. He says my back feels a bit stiff and I should visit the hotel spa to get a massage. I let him know I'll be sure to visit the spa later this week and thank him for rubbing my back. He goes back to his post by the water and keeps a close eye on the children playing in the water. From behind my sunglasses I see that he occasionally looks in my direction. I continue to read my book. The book is about a woman who experiences many exciting erotic adventures during her work. The book gives me red ears at times.

In combination with the sun on my body, this makes my bikini bottoms a bit damp. The sun is getting less strong and when I look at my watch, I see that it's almost time to go to my room. I put on my dress and slippers, pack my things and return the towel to the towel box. After a short walk I arrive at my hotel room. I pour myself a drink and turn on the shower. Taking a quick shower and washing off the sunscreen and chlorine before grabbing a bite to eat at the restaurant. There's a knock on the door and I put down my drink to go open the door. It's the life guard.

He has my book in his hands and walks into my room. Apparently I had left the book by the pool. He looks at the cover. He asks me what the book is about. The image on the cover does not leave much to the imagination. Somewhat awkwardly I start to tell what the book is about. He sees me blushing and he smiles. He hands me the book and our hands touch. Again I feel how soft his hands are. Now I also see how beautifully sparkling his eyes are. He asks how my back and shoulders are. I honestly answer that despite the heat it is still a bit stuck. He says he is training to be a masseur.

He does not want to spend his whole life next to the water as a lifeguard and hopes to find a job as a masseur. He looks at me mischievously and asks if he can practice what he has learned on me. Well, I could use a massage and decide to accept his offer. I turn off the shower since I won't be using it for a while anyway. He asks me to take off my dress and sit on the bed. I do as he says and lie down on the bed. He walks into the bathroom to see if there is anything useful to massage me. He finds the skin oil I brought to put on myself after showering. I'm still lying on the bed when he enters the room.

He is only wearing a swimsuit and a t-shirt. Despite the t-shirt, I have a good impression of what is under the t-shirt. He sits next to me on the bed. He unscrews the cap of the bottle of oil and puts some oil on his hands. He rubs his hands to warm the oil. A moment later I feel how he distributes the oil over my shoulders and back. His touches feel very nice on my skin. He starts with my shoulders and when he has massaged them he continues to massage my back. I feel my body relax. He opens the closure of my bikini so that he can massage my entire back without getting any oil on my bikini.

His hands glide smoothly over my back and don't miss a spot. I also feel his hands go down the side of my body. Secretly I hope he goes a little lower with his hands and accidentally caresses the side of my breasts. He continues his massage and subtly lowers my bikini bottom so he can also massage my lower back. This also feels great. His hands go lower and lower and I let him go. Again my bikini bottom goes down a little further. I feel his soft hands slide over my hips. A little further to the side. His hands continue their way to my buttocks. Firmly he takes care of my buttocks.

I feel myself getting more and more aroused by his touch. He takes the bottle of oil again and puts some oil on his hands. He rubs the oil warm again with his hands. He spreads the heated oil over my legs. He starts with my lower legs. First my left and then my right leg. Once my lower legs are done, he repeats the ritual with my upper legs. As soon as he comes near my bikini bottom I notice that my body reacts to it. I fervently hope that he accidentally touches me there. I feel his hands getting closer and closer to my bikini bottoms. He massages the inner side of my thighs.

I can no longer suppress a tentative moan and I hear him smile. This encourages him to continue. When he is done with my legs he massages my back one last time. In order to reach it better and to put more force, he moves and carefully sits on my buttocks. He massages my neck first then my shoulders and then my back. Again I feel his hands moving towards the side of my body. Very gently his hands caress the side of my breasts. I can feel my body writhing with pleasure under his. He repeats the action a few times, casually touching my nipples each time. They stiffen every time he touches them.

He moves his head close to mine and I hear him whisper in my ear that it's time to turn myself around. Meekly I do what is asked of me. My bikini top stays on the bed while I turn around. Now I only have my bikini bottoms on. He looks at me with those beautiful eyes and his eyes slide over my body. Again he puts some oil on his hands and warms the oil before distributing it on his body. He starts massaging my arms. When he's done, his hands slide down my neck to the area above my breasts. He makes sure he doesn't touch my breasts. He also takes care of my stomach.

I feel his hands slide against the edge of my bikini bottom. My whole body is totally relaxed. I crave his touch and secretly hope he touches my breasts. As if he can read my mind, his hands slide from my stomach to my breasts. He looks at me and I nod that it's okay. Firmly he grabs my breasts and massages them as if his life depended on it. The touch of my nipples makes them stiff under his hands. He squeezes it gently. My hands slip under his t-shirt. I feel how muscular he is and take off his shirt. Again I see that lovely sun-tanned body. He bends over and kisses me tenderly.

His body skilfully glides over mine. He stops kissing and moves his hands through my stomach towards my legs. His hands slide over my bikini bottom. He caresses the insides of my legs and I feel his finger slide briefly over my clit. He drives me crazy with desire. He kisses me and then his mouth moves down my neck to my stomach. He kisses my groin and gently lifts my bikini bottom. He licks my thighs and pushes the bikini bottoms back into place. He grabs my bikini bottom with both hands and pulls it over my hips. He kisses my abdomen and mound of venus.

Finally I feel him gently lift my buttocks and take off my bikini bottoms. He massages my vagina. First externally and later internally. Not much later I feel how his tongue slides over my vagina. He licks my clit gently at first and then a little more firmly. He also makes alternating sucking and licking movements. I feel myself getting lightheaded. I'm breathing heavier and deeper. I can no longer suppress my moans and let myself go more and more. He leaves me no choice. After a few firm licks I can't hold it any longer and come moaning loudly. Fluid gushes out of my vagina.

He moves his head towards mine and kisses me passionately on the mouth. I turn myself over and make sure he lies on his back. I sit on top of him, take the bottle of oil and let some oil run on my hands. I spread the oil over his upper body and mine. I bend forward and feel my breasts touch his upper body. I move myself smoothly over his body. I start at his upper body and move down to his legs. I also slide over his swimming trunks. I feel him slowly getting harder and harder. I kiss his upper body and suck on his nipples. They instantly stiffen at the touch of my mouth.

With my mouth I slowly continue down towards the edge of his swimming trunks. I kiss his thighs and lift up his swimming trunks so my fingers can briefly touch his balls. With my mouth I take off his swimming trunks painfully slowly. I take his rock hard cock in my mouth and start sucking it. I make sure my mouth is nice and moist and lick over his head. I also take his balls in my mouth and lick the side of his cock. I take his cock back in my mouth and start sucking it harder and harder. I twist my hand up and down his shaft as my mouth encloses his cock. I massage his balls with my free hand.

He warns me that he won't last much longer and is on the verge of breaking. I take his cock out of my mouth and stop massaging his balls. I sit on his stomach with my bottom and slide his cock inside me. As I keep sliding my hips from front to back, I feel him go deep inside me. He touches my G-spot and my clit is also stimulated by this. He moans with pleasure. We kiss as I keep moving my hips. He asks me to get on my hands and knees so he can take me from behind. I feel him come up behind me and thrust deep into me.

He alternately grabs my hips and breasts with his hands. After some firm thrusts he can't hold it any longer and cums inside me. He turns me around and kisses me. He says he enjoyed me and our evening together. He asks me if I can come and lie with him at the pool again tomorrow. I smile and answer in the affirmative. This could just be the start of a beautiful and relaxing holiday. Entwined we fall asleep. 


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