On holiday

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My vacation has started. I have no less than six weeks of vacation this year. My wife is not on vacation yet. Her vacation doesn't start for three weeks. I (Paul) have wanted to go to the Belgian Ardennes by motorbike for years to enjoy the region by motorbike. My wife does not like that at all, so we have agreed that I will first go on holiday alone for a few weeks. On Saturday I pack my motorbike, say goodbye to my wife and arrive at the campsite about three hours later. I register at the reception. 

I opted for an 18+ campsite without children. A nice blonde gives me the number of the safari tent I have booked. Calmly I drive my motorcycle towards the tent and park the motorcycle. There are hedges between the tents, so that there is still some privacy. I take the suitcases from the motorcycle and put them in the tent. Because it is wonderfully warm, I quickly take off my motorcycle suit. Wearing only boxers, I grab my slippers, toiletry bag and towel and walk to the showers. Once there I see a young couple in their early twenties going into a shower cubicle together. 

I also step into a shower cubicle and turn on the tap. I enjoy the wonderfully refreshing shower. That is certainly wonderful after such a long drive. The young couple also likes to hear it. They don't mince words and I can clearly hear that those two are having a nice sex there. In the meantime I enjoy playing with my cock and jerking myself to a climax. When I get out of the shower, the couple just got out of the shower too. The woman blushes a bit and I give a wink with a thumbs up. Half an hour later I am sitting in front of the tent, freshly washed and have opened a good bottle of rosé from the fridge.

I am reading something when I hear Dutch people arrive. I look behind my sunglasses. A couple who is a bit younger than I am arrives. They introduce themselves as Sanne and Peter. Sanne is a beautiful, slender thirty-six-year-old woman with long blond hair and Peter is a thirty-two-year-old man with a normal build. I am forty-three myself. 'We have neighbours', I hear the Sanne say to Peter. When they are even closer, they greet me and I say hello back. They walk to the tent next to me and lie there to sunbathe and read.

When I walk past the neighbour's tent after an errand, Peter asks if I want to have a drink. I accept the offer and sit down. A nice rosé is poured and we have a nice chat. In the meantime I look at Sanne and think to myself that guy is lucky. What a pretty woman. She's wearing a nice summer dress and I doubt she's wearing anything underneath. Every now and then she has a look when she moves. Our gazes regularly meet. Is she just flirting with me now? Around ten o'clock I thank them for the fun and go to my tent to go to sleep. When I'm in bed, I hear the neighbors whispering and giggling.

I don't pay much attention to it until I seem to hear a slight moan. I lie down and listen to it and yes there it is again. It looks like they are having sex. I get out of bed as quietly as possible and try to see if I can see where the sound is coming from. I see Peter standing in the dim light. Because of the hedge I can't really see what happens next. The sound makes me horny, but I'm bummed because I can't see anything. Then I see Peter's face tighten and his mouth open. It's like he cums. When Peter is relaxed again, I see that Sanne also rises above the hedge and they kiss each other passionately.

They enter the tent and then it is quiet. The next morning I wake up early just like the neighbors I meet at the showers. We greet each other. Peter and Sanne enter a family shower together. I take the shower next to them. You can understand that after last night I became very curious. When I'm undressing myself, I hear Sanne say: 'Shall we go to the beach by the lake again today?' Something in me triggers me and I think I want to go there too. After showering, I walk to the store. Peter is there too and we get to talking. He asks what I'm going to do today. 'Walk', I say.

Peter indicates to go to the beach at the lake. After breakfast I wait for Peter and Sanne to pass by. When they are just in sight, I follow them as normally as possible. After a kilometer they turn onto an unpaved path. After fifteen minutes of walking, I arrive at a sign. It says: naked recreation. I hesitate for a moment, but something in me tells me to do it anyway. After all, I am alone now. I take off my clothes, put them in my backpack and continue walking naked. When I get to the lake, I see that most people are over fifty. Some men and women look at me fondly, which gives me a nice feeling.

I have lost sight of Peter and Sanne in the meantime. I just walk a little further along the waterline. From behind my sunglasses I peek at all the feminine beauty that I see. Then I stop to look at an older couple where the woman is sucking the man. It turns me on. My cock goes from flaccid to semi-hard. I feel a bit uncomfortable and walk towards the bushes to find a sheltered spot. Then suddenly I hear my name. I look startled and see that Sanne is calling me. She beckons me to come. Still a bit uncomfortable I walk towards Sanne and Peter.

My cock doesn't get any less limp when I see Sanne like this. I'm as relaxed as possible. Sanne asks if I will sit with them. 'It's a wonderfully quiet place here,' she says. I put down my towel and sit next to them. Peter says, 'I didn't expect you here.' I feel caught and laugh a little made. Sanne sits down so that I have a good view of her body. My cock gets rock hard. 'So', says Sanne, 'will it work, neighbor?' 'Yes, sorry,' I say. Peter laughs and says, 'Don't tease Paul like that.' Sanne stands up and says: 'I'll make it up to you.' She gets on her knees next to me and starts sucking me out of the blue. 

Because I didn't expect this, my cock slackens a bit. I look at Peter who now also has a hard cock. Sanne stops for a moment and says to Peter: 'Isn't this what you mean?' Peter nods. When Sanne continues to suck, I start touching her chest. 'Mmm, nice B-cup, honey.' Her hands play with my nipples. Delicious! Then I feel my cum bubbling up and want to withdraw my cock, but Sanne continues to suck greedily. I squirt my man porridge down her throat . She greedily sucks my cock clean and swallows it all. 

Sanne now lies on her back with her legs a little apart towards me. What a nice woman, I think. I decide to put on my naughty shoes and get up. I caress my hand over her legs and start massaging them. I look at Peter and he nods. I put my mouth between her legs and start licking her. My fingers play with her clit and lips. When I stop, she looks at me and nods. I don't know exactly what she means, but I'm so horny now that I take a seat between her legs and put my now hardened cock against her pussy. 

I gently push it inside her. It's a good thing I've already come once otherwise I would have sprayed my man porridge in her immediately. Sanne says: 'Do you see that, Peter? A nice strange cock inside me. Isn't that what you want?' I take it as an encouragement and start fucking her hard with long thrusts. Peter has come to stand next to us and is really horny on us. Then I feel my porridge bubble up and slow down the pace. I pull my cock out of Sanne and massage her pussy with one hand and squeeze one of her nipples with the other hand. 

Sanne writhes with pleasure. 'Fuck me, Paul. Fuck me,' she begs. 'You don't decide that, slut,' I tell her. I think that woman is so horny and tell her to get on her hands and knees. When she sits like this, I give her a hard tap on her buttocks with the flat of my hand. She lets out a loud scream. I take a seat behind her and grab her by the hips. I push my rock hard cock back inside her. With my right hand I grab her long hair and with every stroke I gently pull her hair. I thrust firmly about eight more times and then spray my second load of man porridge in her delicious pussy.

I feel Sanne tighten her cunt around my cock. Wonderful when a woman cums on your cock. Satisfied, I pull myself back and we lie down to recover. Meanwhile I see that Peter has enjoyed our spectacle and jerks himself to a climax. Having recovered somewhat, Sanne says that Peter has been trying for years to see her with another man, but that it never happened. Until she saw you here yesterday. I ask how they found it. Both Peter and Sanne say they enjoyed it. Especially since I'm a bit dominant by nature.

The following days I fucked her hard a few more times, purely out of lust. Sanne enjoyed being used as a sex object by me. Peter kept watching. When they went home, we exchanged numbers and agreed that they should come over for coffee with me and my wife, but keep quiet about this week.


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