At the camping 

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Last summer I was on holiday in Italy with my family. It was very hot. On these hot days I was very horny. I noticed that there was a mature older woman in my street who was interested in me. Every time she walked by I greeted her with a, 'Good day.' I found myself getting a stiff cock from her in my shorts invariably. After a while I thought: if she goes to the toilet block, I will go there not much later. Unfortunately, I also ran into her husband every time, so I didn't dare to go to her at that time. 

She did smile every time she noticed me coming after her. One day I was lucky. Her husband had left in the car. I had seen him drive off shortly before. Not much later I passed her campsite and she asked me: 'Do you happen to know the network code of the campsite?' At first I thought she was serious about knowing the code, but once I got to her she said, 'I can see you looking at me all the time. do you like me?' I answered honestly that it was indeed so. 'I thought so, because I saw your stiff cock in your pants.'

I was shocked when her hand went up my trouser leg towards my hard cock. Once there, she started massaging my head and my balls. She did it so wonderfully. My cock head got wet right away. She wanted to kiss me. 'Shall we just go to the toilet block, because my wife and kids are a few places away', I asked. 'Okay, nice thing. My husband might be right back. You go ahead to the family shower. I'll be right there.' I walked quietly with my hard cock in my pants towards the toilet block and picked out an empty family shower where I waited nicely. 

It took a while so I thought she wasn't coming anymore. Then there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and saw her standing in front of the door in her bathrobe. I let her in quickly. She took off her bathrobe and it turned out she had nothing on at all. My cock immediately became very hard again. She said, 'I thought I'd surprise you. Then you don't have to undress me anymore. Now I'm going to undress you.' She untied my swimming trunks and took out my hard cock. 'Hmmm, nice young cock,' she said and began to suck my cock firmly. Fucking hell! How nice she did that.

In between she looked at me horny. 'Come on, honey,' she said. 'I want to taste your seed.' I wanted to stop it, but the cum was already spraying into her mouth. I thought 'don't stop. Go on, go on. She understood what I wanted and she just kept going. I grabbed her and laid her down on the floor. I licked her pussy good. It had become nice and horny and wet. I licked her pussy juice into my mouth and heard her moan in pleasure. I kept going. She was shaking all over and moaned softly, 'Go on, go on.' I started to finger her hard and the juice from her pussy squirted all the way to the door.

She was extremely wet and horny. We started French kissing. She tugged on my cock while I played with her pussy. I put her down in doggy style and pushed my hard cock into her pussy. This felt so good and horny. I fucked her hard and felt the cum squirt into her pussy. Hmmm. She grabbed my cock and licked the cum off. Then I fucked her hard from the front. Her pussy was dripping with horny cunt juices. We continued to fuck for a while. Afterwards my cock was still very hard. She said to me, 'We're definitely going to do it a few more times this holiday.' And so it happened.


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