My Mistress

Submitted by Pip

I walked nervously up the stairs of the tube and phoned you for help. You said you would come to find me straight away. I saw you a little way off and watched you. You were dressed to perfection. Nice jeans and that gorgeous crisp white shirt. I saw you were wearing you shoes without socks and smiled to myself. After stealing a few moments admiring you I tapped you on the shoulder and we were one again. You did say I was beautiful and prettier than you remembered. You took my bag and held my hand and guided us to the first chapter of our beautiful love story. 

We entered the lovely room and I giggled when I saw the rope on the bed and put my hand to my mouth. You suggested lunch but then changed your mind and called me to the bed to fulfill your need to be sucked. I was desperate to have you, but couldn’t get my dress off quickly enough in my haste to devour you. You helped me undress and within minutes of being in the room I was sucking you and making gentle moaning sounds of happiness. You came over a long period of time. In fact you exploded. Twice. 

I don’t know whether you saw, but I immediately rubbed some of your excess cum into my titties and finished licking you up. You’re delicious...  I adored watching you whilst sucking you off. Sometimes I would catch you looking down at me and I stared at you with you hard dick in my. It was delicious. I couldn’t get enough of you. You looked completely relaxed and heavenly lying on the bed whilst I worked you up to an orgasm. Whilst you were coming you urged me to keep sucking and keep sucking. Then I moved up and we kissed. The cum still in my mouth, my tits, my hair. 

You went down on me. Your tongue licked and licked and you sucked and sucked. I loved looking down and watching you do it. It was so intimate and you were so fucking good. I was pinching my nipples really hard and moaning very gently. I was writhing until I couldn’t take anymore. I came so hard for you baby. It was then that I knew that I was truly yours. When you fucked me I felt like you consumed me. We stared at each other with such desire and intensity. You did tell me to shut the fuck up when I started to moan in pleasure.

You also clamped your hand over my mouth. At one point I couldn’t really breathe. I adored it. Your chest and back is so big. I adored the feeling of your weight on me. As you fucked me I could not help but profess my feelings for you. It’s like you fucked the words out of me... I love you ... I love you ...over and over again. Do you remember ? In the bath you sucked my toes and I was surprised by how much pleasure I took from it and from sucking yours. I wanted to cuddle you in the bath and wrap my legs around you.

My clit against your back, but the bath was too small. I worried about you being uncomfortable by the tap. I shaved my legs and this made you laugh. It pleased me when we joked about being a married couple. A fleeting impossible fantasy. We dressed and you put on your aftershave which intoxicated me and made me crazy for you. You took my hand as we walked down the stairs to the foyer.

I recall that I just had my purple knickers on and my tits were bouncing free. You commanded me to lie on the bed and you positioned a pillow under my tummy. I was super impressed by your mastery of the ropes and knot tying. You looked so intense tying me up. Really concentrated. Probably a bit nervous? You then blindfolded me and the next thing I knew Bach was playing and it was left vulnerable, not knowing what was going to happen next. You beated me, but not hard enough. No bruises. I still loved it though, desiring more. 

You were impatient to fuck me and untied me. You fucked me and fucked me... It was exquisite. Next time you may consider bending me over you knee and beating me. Or tie me prostate on my back whilst you insert vibrators in my dripping pussy and wank until you spurt in my hair and face. You could also fuck my mouth whilst I am blindfolded and whisper the dirtiest things in my ear. I need you to hurt me until I cry. I want it to be so bad that you feel guilty and stop and beg forgiveness. You will be crying too as you kiss the tears from my face. 

I remember sharing a bath with you and I put some music on. I sucked your toes this time, you didn’t suck mine. The song Solo came on and we joked around to the funny bits. You said that your children listened to it in your car and your daughter liked to be the DJ. I remember going down on you and encouraging you to wank. I love watching you do this. You tried to cum in my mouth, but didn’t succeed the first time so you I urged you to carry on wanking. When you were ready you told me to suck and you exploded in my mouth and I gladly swallowed.

Then made my way up the bed and we kissed. The cum mixing with your saliva. You ordered me to lick the cum of your balls which I did like a little whore. We fucked what seemed like all night. It was very intense and passionate. I kept telling you to fuck me and that I loved your dick. You squirted your saliva in my mouth like cum, your put your hand over my mouth to shut me up, you stared intensely into my eyes. You also fucked me how you fuck your wife. I pushed my hand against the wall to make you sink deeper in me. You seemed in ecstasy when you came moaning and groaning.

This really turned me on. You licked me clean, swallowing your own cum. You nasty boy. You licked me and fucked me with a vibrator whilst I watched porn. I need it on the T V next time as holding the phone was distracting. You said that we should sleep and shut the window and turned the airco on. You cuddled me to sleep. When we awoke our love making started again. I remember waking up and was still very sleepy but I was warm and safe and happy. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and the slipped back into bed and kissed you. 

I loved you and we were soon making love again. We were both really hungry so showered and dressed. I put on my pineapple playsuit and persuaded you to wear your other white shirt even though you said that it was nicely ironed and you could save it for another time. We headed down for our lovely breakfast.  I had that disgusting cucumber drink and ordered some coffee but decided to join you with an expresso. In fact, I have ordered two since just to connect to my love. You were very nice with the staff and made the funny coffee machine noises. 

We chatted for ages and you told me about your colleaguesI suggested that we go back to the room and you said what’s the hurry? You seemed to enjoy our conversations as did I. We ordered more coffee. I first had an idea about a picnic in st James park as I fantasized about kissing you in the sunI suggested the National Gallery. I knew it was free admission and thought I would take the pressure of you spending more money. I remember walking up to steps to the National gallery hand in hand. 

It’s so overwhelming that I asked you what sort of art you appreciated, and you said Monet, Manet, Van Gogh so I led you to that section. Before we reached that bit you started listening to a curator. I was watching you from afar. Admiring you. You beckoned me over and we listened together a while. I showed you a painting by Picasso depicting Motherhood that I loved.  We kissed briefly and suddenly I walked through the checkpoint walking away. I heard you shouting: 'Come back....please.' I knew you would cry and felt very sad. That's why I left. It was too much for me as well.


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