Weekend Center Parcs 

Submitted by JP 

This true story is from a few years ago. We went to Center Parcs for a weekend with two families. Because we live quite far apart, we arrived at the park on time. We quickly put all our things in our house and prepared the rooms so that we could go for a swim. Our friend, who is a hairdresser, had promised to give me a haircut before we went swimming. She suggested to the others that they go to the swimming pool. We would come as soon as she finished cutting. However, she had forgotten her hairdresser's robe. She indicated that it would be easier not to have too many clothes on.

Otherwise my clothes would be covered in hair. So I sat with my bare upper body on the chair in front of her wearing only my boxers. The tension was noticeable. She had good breasts, but especially a nice ass. She immediately started cutting my hair. I couldn't take my eyes and hands off her while cutting. I held my hands teasingly under her slightly too short dress. It visibly excited us both. She said I better stop for a while or she'd cut my hair. So that's what I did. When the cutting was done, all brakes were immediately released. She licked my nipple piercing and sucked my hardened cock.

I licked her nipples and teasingly ran my tongue over her clit. So teasing that she couldn't take it anymore. She pushed aside her thong and sat on my lap. She went up and down wildly. The moaning and sopping sounds were clearly audible. She said she hadn't been this horny in ages. She came squirting. For me, that was the sign to go the extra mile. With my erect cock still in her I lifted her to the bedroom. When I got there I laid her on the bed and started fucking her wildly. She moaned all the time and squirted one more time.

This made sure that I couldn't hold it anymore and sprayed her with loud primal screams. I licked up some cum and gave her a nice cum kiss. 'It's been a long time since I've had such a good fuck and cum,' she said. The weekend progressed and somehow it seemed as if her husband had noticed that something was going on between us. He kept an eye on us regularly. Quickly down the slide together and then briefly fingering at the top, it worked, but sex again was not an option, it seemed. Until the moment we end up in a changing room together for a moment and she could give me a great blowjob.

That in combination with all the sounds from the surrounding booths made me horny. I also wanted to let her enjoy herself and took off her swimming trunks. I fingered and licked her to an unprecedented climax. Then she took my rock hard cock back in her mouth and blew me to a climax at lightning speed. Then we cleaned up our swimsuits. We left the booth. She went to the left and I to the right. The moment I walked back into the swimming area, her husband went to the bathroom to look for her. Shortly after the weekend away, she divorced her husband.

Unfortunately, we never had such a great weekend together again.


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